April Snow Korean Movie

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April Snow was the most hyped blockbuster movie in Korea in 2005 and was also popular across Southeast Asia. The leading man played by Bae Yong-jun reached superstardom and is perhaps the most popular male actor in all of Asia following the success of the movie.

His costar Ye-jin Son is a seasoned Korean actress and the renowned Korean director Jin-ho Hur is possibly one of the best filmmakers working out of Korea today.

Synopsis of the Movie April Snow

The story begins with showing the results of a car accident that leaves two of the car’s passengers in a coma. These two are secret lovers. They are both married to other people. Yong-jun plays the character of the spouse of the female victim In-su while Je-jin is the housewife Seo-young.

The story develops around their shock and realization and gradual acceptance of the fact that both their spouses had been cheating on them for a very long time.

Unfortunately, the two spouses find a lot of evidence such as phone messages as well as videos related to the affair and this is all further confirmed. Dealing with the embarrassment of the betrayal draws the two characters close to each other and unfortunately they start up a clandestine affair of their own.

The director of the movie has a penchant for very dramatic shots and brings the screenplay to the screen in a startling manner. This epic movie shows absolutely no hints of romantic elements between the two spouses dealing with the trauma of their comatose spouses and the affair.

While Seo-young fulfills her role as the devoted wife beside her husband in the hospital, she finds it hard to come to grips with the fact that he has cheated on her. However, In-su makes a very bold move to approach her and then she comes to the conclusion that she cannot remain in denial because other people also accept and know the truth.

The simple story progresses smoothly and there are a few surprises as the viewer is shown the distinct possibility of an affair between the two remaining spouses. The ironic part depicted in the movie is that while they are both upset and heartbroken over the fact that their spouses cheated on them, they enter into a secret affair of their own that follows the same pattern. The deceit, lies, videotaping and secret meetings do seem to imitate the pattern followed by their cheating spouses.

Ye-jin Son makes an impact with her deep emotions reflected in her expression, in fact, the superstar who plays the male lead is often overshadowed by her stellar performance. However, he brings across the fact that the character he plays is a very stiff and unyielding individual and that was possibly the reason why his wife betrayed him.

On the flipside we see that the female spouse is also involved in this affair because she needs empathy and companionship rather than simply satisfying a desire to be in a relationship. The movie does not validate the opinion that infidelity is acceptable, however it focuses on how a weak relationship can cause a spouse to stray from his or her commitments.

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