Dwarf Korean Lilac

Tree Selecting the Dwarf Korean Lilac tree? Learn more about the tree known as the Korean dwarf lilac, which is a hardy flowering shrub…

The beautiful Korean dwarf lilac tree is actually a tall and fragrant shrub. It has beautiful flowers, which are charming in any garden and this short tree is often planted to create the border or foreground of a garden landscape. Its main attraction is derived from the neatness of the growth of the stems as well as the pink lavender flowers, which give off a subtle yet enticing fragrance. In the early 20th century the dwarf Korean lilac tree were introduced into America from China. The gentleman credited for its introduction was known as Frank Meyer and his name is still displayed on the botanical version of the name of the plant which is Syringa meyeri.

The Propagation and Description of the Korean Dwarf Lilac Tree

This fast-growing shrub blooms into a huge bush, which is profusely filled with blooms of pinkish lavender flowers and this makes it both a healthy and colorful shrub. It is a small shrub that grows up to a maximum height of approximately 4 to 5 feet only and spreads out to the same amount of width.

The light pinkish lavender flower blooms are complimented with the deep green foliage on the tree. The flowers reach their peak and bloom starting in May and continuing blooming through June. However, the Korean dwarf lilac tree actually flowers twice a year and most of the shrubs retain their flowers until end of summer and the beginning of autumn in most cases.

Planting the Korean Dwarf Lilac Tree

As the autumn season arrives, the deep green foliage changes into a bright yellow color. By wintertime the Korean dwarf lilac tree completely sheds its foliage and leaves behind an attractive looking shrub with well-groomed leafless stems in a dark brown color. It is a hardy and tough plant that is very easy to maintain and cultivate.
It is interesting to note that the shrub is not cultivated from grafting, but needs to be planted and propagated from its roots. The ideal time to plant the Korean dwarf lilac tree is in early spring. It should be planted in direct sunlight so that it gets approximately 6 hours of sun every day.

This deciduous shrub requires a well-drained soil and blooms with regular watering into a healthy plant. Once the roots are affixed and the plant starts thriving they will continue to bloom profusely. In order to get fresh flowers the shrub needs to be pruned to remove the old blooms. It is often seen to reach a height of approximately 5 feet in different regions of the world. Its popularity has increased steadily over the last century.

Ease of Maintenance and Beauty of the Shrub

The flowers start spreading a lovely fragrance as they bloom and this aroma becomes stronger as the amount of flowers on the stems increases. It is not prone to lilac borers which affect majority of the lilac family members and it is also hardy and resistant to powdery mildew. In fact, it can grow even in the wild when it is entirely unattended.
However, to ensure the maximum number of blooms it needs to be pruned regularly. It makes an ideal plant, which can be utilized in landscaping to function as the canopy for the foliage growing underneath it.

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