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Camp Casey, Korea is one of the military camps owned by United States military and located in Dongducheon or Tongduchon, South Korea. Just 40 miles north of the South Korean capital city of Seoul, the Camp was named after Maj. Hugh Boyd Casey to honor his death in an airplane crash in close proximity to the camp while he was serving in the Korean conflict.

Specifications of Camp Casey, Korea

Camp Casey, Korea is designed to prevent any aggressive activities by North Korea. It functions as one of the many bases of the United States Army located close to the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

In the event that efforts of deterrence fail when it comes to dealing with North Korean aggression, Camp Casey, Korea falls back on its second mission to defend the Republic of Korea.

It is a neighbor to the other American installations including Camp Castle, Camp Hovey and Camp Mobile. These camps are home to the engineer, armor as well as the mechanized infantry. Covering 3500 acres, Camp Casey, Korea is home to 6300 military personnel and 2500 civilians.

Life at Camp Casey, Korea

Military personnel are supposed to complete a one-year tour of duty while stationed at Camp Casey, Korea. This proves to be an expensive proposition, because soldiers are paid $150 for covering the hazard duty salary on a monthly basis but are charged $300 for their meals. There are on post quarters for all the personnel and married military men are allowed to acquire off post facilities for their dependents.

The curfew at the Camp Casey, Korea starts at midnight and each of the military personnel is supposed to be inside their accommodation. Only married personnel are provided with a Warrior Pass to exit and enter the camp during curfew hours.

There are various emergency drills conducted throughout the night in order to allow military personnel to become accustomed to dressing up in military gear and preparing their weapons in the event of a surprise attack.

Off – Camp Attractions for Camp Casey Residents

The local Dongducheon club district is outside the main gate of Camp Casey, Korea and is infamous for human trafficking. There are restaurants, coffee shops, clothing and tailoring shops along with travel agencies, real estate brokerage houses and electronic goods outlets.
Other facilities include the officers club as well as the enlisted NCO club and the arts and crafts center on the site.

The spectacular Soyosan Mountain is next to the Camp and many re-enlistment ceremonies for soldiers are conducted on top of the magnificent Soyosan Mountain.

There are dental and health clinics in the camp itself along with MWR facilities. These include a library, recreation center, internet cafe, a movie theater and the super day rooms for the 1st Brigade.

For sports enthusiasts Camp Casey in Korea has a golf course, swimming pool, outdoor tennis, softball, baseball field, basketball courts as well as a skateboarding park and two gymnasiums and five Mini gyms.

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