Colombian Jeans

Colombian Jeans

Colombian jeans are basically known for their tight fit, and offer a wide range of choices for women, who opt for body shaping clothing, which exude style and fashion. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Jeans are actually trousers made from a material called denim. The earliest known jeans are the American blue jeans of the 1800s. Levi’s and Lee are some of the historic jeans brands. Though jeans were originally meant to form comfortable and durable trousers for the working group, they gained popularity among youngsters. From the mid 1900s onwards, they have become common as casual wear all over the world. Retaining their popularity over the decades, jeans are now available in a myriad of styles and colors, and blue jeans are still reminiscent of the western culture, especially the American culture.

Various jeans-fits

Over the years, jeans makers have brought forth a variety of fits to cater to the tastes and requirements of different people. The common fits include, skinny, tapered, boot cut, straight, flares and maternity jeans. Tight jeans have become a hot fashion item since the past few years, and are combined with other fashion factors like low waistband, or even no waistband. The prevailing fashion status has contributed to the popularity of this item, pushing it to the line of bestselling apparel.

Colombian jeans

Colombian jeans are hot jeans that are manufactured targeting the fashion-conscious women. They are available worldwide and several distributers claim to offer hundred percent authentic Colombian jeans.

They are designed as push-ups and butt-lifts, lending an illusion of well-toned and lifted effect on the rear. Besides, they render a balanced appearance, owing to the firm fit on the hips as well as thighs. A special design structure gives a uniform rise so that the tummy and belly do not bulge. They are also embroidered with captivating patterns.

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Fabrics used in Colombian jeans

Crafted from Colombian material like Verox, these jeans undergo unique processes, pertaining to each brand. The fabrics have slight variations to present various effects, such as holes, tone variations and used appearance.  These effects are rendered by the process, making them a part of the design and are not considered as defects.

Durable denims or spandexes also are used; several designs are made from smooth, stretchy denim as well as lightweight fabrics to enhance comfort, though fashion is the ultimate statement. The contour side stitching gives the lifted effect, and they tend to give an elongated and slimmer look for the wearer, almost instantly.

Worn by trend setting women worldwide, Colombian jeans are known for their lift and body shaping design coupled with quality, comfort, fit and style. Several online stores sell these jeans in several designs, colors and models.

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