Full House 2 Korean Drama

Want to know about Full House 2 Korean drama? Learn more about the exciting Korean drama Full House 2 the script of, which has been under construction for a year…

The popular Korean drama Full House Season 2 is currently ready to be broadcast on the KBS network. Jo Jeong-hwa, who has been working on it for a whole year, has completed the third episode is writing the screenplay for the drama. This TV serial will be shot overseas most probably to utilize the best locations and add exciting effects to the production.

The Kim Jong-hak Production banner is behind this epic television serial, which is seen as being one of the key offerings at the production house known as Park Chang-sik.

Popularity of Series 1 and 2 of Full House

The first series of Full House was aired 2004 and instantly became popular in South Korea, Southeast Asia and China as well. As a result of its immense popularity many Asian television broadcast channels offered to co-produce their own series based on its themes.

Great anticipation is expected as audiences across the Asian countries wait for the second season of Full House. Actually the inspiration for Full House the Korean drama comes from a famous and well known comic book from Korea, which has the same title.

The TV drama focuses on the relationship of a trendy young couple called Rain and Song. Because both these roles were performed to absolute perfection, the two characters were often regarded as the most endearing couple on television.

Cast Members of the Full House Korean Drama

Leading TV actor Song Hye Gyo and Korean TV actress Bi played the roles of the hero and heroine in this TV program. They both are all set to reprise their original roles in the second series. This TV program can be characterized as a romantic comedy. The 20-episode program was filmed during August 2009 as the second part of the Full House series.

Storyline of Full House

The story unfolds with Ji-Eun who played the character of Song Hye Kyo and lives in a house calledFull House, which was constructed by her father. Two of her friend con her into going on a free vacation then sell her house without her knowledge.

She is an aspiring screenwriter and fortunately meets Rain playing the role of a famous actor, on the plane. They go through a few comic events and then upon her return she happens to discover that her house has, in fact, been sold to Rain.

They try to live together but it doesn’t work out due to their different temperaments and her messy lifestyle. Rain wants to make his love interest jealous and end up getting married to the girl on a six-month contract, but both of them eventually fall seriously in love as the story unfolds.

The show depicts the dawning of the realization that marriage should be based on a strong foundation and be undertaken for the right reasons.

The Sequel Full House 2 Korean Drama

This sequel, which is known Full House 2, was eventually shot in South Korea, China and Japan among other countries. Leading actors and actresses were selected from different Asian countries based on their popularity in their respective regions.

The main reason for this was because the first part of this epic pan-Asian drama was successful throughout South East Asia. In order to cater to a regional audience base, the producers decided to cast actors and actresses who are popular in their particular regions.

Since it was announced that the anticipated broadcast date would be August 2009, fans across the Southeast Asia region have set aside that date to start watching the popular Korean TV drama.

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