Goong Korean Drama

Interested in Goong the Korean drama? Learn about the wonderful romantic comedy that is played out in a palace…

Goong the Korean drama was also released under the name Gung, Palace along with Princess Hours as distributed by MBC Global Media and finally with the title of Imperial Household.

It is an example of the genre of romantic comedy. The 24 episodes were broadcast on the MBC network from January 2006 until March 2006. The theme songs, which have become very popular were ‘Parrot’ by HowL, ‘Perhaps Love’ by HowL & J. and finally ‘You & I Are Fools’ sung by Stay. You can find the DVD with the inserts of ‘Give Me a Little Try’ and ‘Ice Pond’ both by Leigh Nash.

The story of Goong the Korean drama follows the challenges faced by young lovers who defy tradition, political agendas and family intrigue. The fictitious TV serial revolves around the modern day Korean monarchy.

It shows the Royal family living in the Grand Palace known as the Goong. The dramatic beginning shows the death of the ruling King and the subsequent decrease in the Royals popularity among the public. It is decided that the Crown Prince Lee Shin played by the lead hero Joo Ji Hoon, should be married and introduced to the public as the best policy to move the vote and emotions of the public in favor of the royalty. Simultaneously he is being prepared to take over the position of the King by immediate succession. The bride chosen for the future king is a sweet yet stubborn young girl who studies art at a prestigious school in Korea. Played by Yoon Eun Hye, the character of the unassuming Shin Chae-kyung is executed perfectly.

Storyline of the Drama Goong

But she was all set to marry and become the Crown Princess and future queen as agreed upon between both her and the Crown Prince’s grandfather. The former Crown Prince called Lee Yul whom the young lady was betrothed to returns from England after 14 years of residing there with his mother. The role of the shunned Crown Prince is played beautifully by Korean actor Kim Jeong Hoon. Shin’s charming endeavor and spirit won the heart of the former Crown Prince. However, it was the starting point of many scandals since both the Crown Prince and the young lady Chae-kyung’s were declared as married in front of the public. The drama deals with the marital hardships caused by political intrigue and focuses on how the young couple of Crown Prince and Crown Princess manage the relationship with dignity and grace.

Experience Behind the Drama

The original screen play was written by Park So-hee and called Manhwa and was produced by the Eight Peaks production company. The writer for this Korean drama is the famous screenwriter In Eun Ah. It was directed by Hwang In Roe.

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