Spanish Immersion Mexico

Looking for a Spanish language immersion program in Mexico? Want to find a Spanish school for classes in a city near you? Our guide to Spanish immersion in Mexico gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

There are several reasons why Mexico is such a popular destination in which to learn Spanish. Firstly, it’s proximity to the US means it’s just a short trip away from home (if you’re American). The country itself is an amazing place with a wonderful array of different natural scenery including beaches, archeological sites, buzzing night life and anything else you could possibly want in a place. Above all, however, Mexico is a great place to learn Spanish because you can practice it wherever you go.

Spanish Schools in Mexico

Choosing a Spanish language school in Mexico can be a difficult process, mainly because there are so many schools to choose from. Perhaps the first thing to consider in choosing a Spanish school is exactly what your goals are. If you’ve come to Mexico to pick up some Spanish credits for college make sure your school can provide recognizable credits that will be accepted by your college. Another important thins to consider is the environment you’d prefer to be in. Mexico City is a thriving metropolis with everything you could possibly want, but Cancun provides a more relaxed vacation atmosphere. There are Spanish schools all over Mexico including Puerto Vallarta, Satillo, Tijuana, Oaxaca, Merida and Ensenada.

When choosing your Spanish school in Mexico always ask how many students per class and how the lessons are structured. Some schools may offer a more conversational approach while others will concentrate on the grammar of Spanish.

Spanish Language Immersion in Mexico

Language immersion is considered to be the fastest and most effective way of learning any new language. When you embark on a Spanish immersion course you will only ever be speaking in Spanish in class, and depending on how dedicated you are, you should be trying to communicate as much as possible in Spanish outside the classroom. Aside from learning Spanish, you’ll find that a Spanish immersion course is a culturally rewarding experience as well as you’ll pick up much new knowledge and meet many new friends along the way.



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