Korean Bangs

Want to try Korean bangs for a new look? Learn how to create a short choppy hairstyle with Korean bangs for an updated look…

There are many options when for choosing Korean bangs to create a new hairstyle. From a symmetrical line balanced with a short crown to the angular cut with longer hair cut back, you can choose different styles for Korean bangs to suit your face cut and hair type. One of the most popular looks for all age groups involves the use of different lengths of Korean bangs to update any hairstyle.

Options and Versatility of Korean Bangs

The most common type of Korean bangs popular with celebrities and the general public are the symmetrical style. This is complemented with a short and layered crop. The straight lines used to cut the bangs are nicely offset with the use of choppy layers on the rest of the hair. This breaks up the monotony of a plain hairstyle.

It can be utilized for both short and longer hair lengths as well as sophisticated bobs, which end with the crisp finish of a bang. It can also add class to Pixie haircuts with literally plastered bangs to bring up the front.

A tousled hairstyle is complemented well with Korean bangs and can be carried off on a daily basis with minimum effort. The choppy layers allow you to create an effortless style that is unique and personalized. It’s the perfect way to slim the face and height to the hair styling. Furthermore, this technique minimizes the domestic impact of the hairstyle by giving it more movement.

You can use gel or mousse to create versatile effects with cropped Korean bangs. You can sharpen the edges of the bangs on straight hair or perhaps create more vertical height with spiky hair standing up from the back and smooth bangs in front.
Pairing Bangs to the Face Shape

Flipped bangs also add a very jazzy look to any trendy haircut. However, in order to create a successful style from this option you must have the right length bangs, which complements the features and face shape of the person involved. To create the illusion of a long face, a person with a short forehead can utilize cropped baby bangs to create length.

Conversely someone who has a large forehead should opt for Korean bangs that almost touch the eyebrows or fall slightly lower and sweep the eyebrow. To create a modern day look the Korean bang for long lengths are finished off with chopped and uneven tips.

Cutting your Hair with Korean bangs

To cut your own hair and style them with personalized Korean bangs start with freshly washed and blow-dried hair.

You should flatiron the hair in order to keep it straight. Make a U-shaped partition on the top of your head to pull out to hair that you want to trim in order to create your bangs.

Start cutting the hair with a sharp pair of hair scissors by holding it at them at a 40° angle and snip through the hair in one horizontal line but in alternate and uneven snips.

This will give you a choppy bang and you can later adjust the length as required. Do not cut higher than your desired length because the hair shrinks back after cutting and you might end up with very short baby bangs.

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