Korean BoA Photography

Want details about Korean Boa’s photography? Read on to find out about this hip-hop singer and dancer who is a favorite with photographers…

BoA or Kwon Boa is a singer born in 1986. This Catholic girl educated at the Korean Kent foreign school has grown up to be one of the leading hip-hop singers and dancers in Korea. Her stage name is BoA, which is utilized as an acronym for ‘Beat of Angel’, a creative take on her birth name. She’s very popular in South Korea, the United States of America and Japan. She is a native of South Korea and was discovered by the talent agents at SM Entertainment during a talent search run by that company. She was trained for two years and in 2000 went on to release her first album in Korean under that label. Her Japanese debut album was released after two years under the Avex label. She debuted in the United States of America with her hit English-language single in the year 2008 and went on to release an English-language music album in 2009 for the United States market.

Influences on BoA

The singer falls into the hip-hop category and she claims to be influenced by Janet Jackson and Nelly Furtado. Her staff creates her songs, as she’s not particularly talented in writing. However, her main advantage is derived from the fact that she is multilingual and has recorded songs in English, Japanese and Korean as well as Mandarin Chinese. The popular singer is photographed frequently and has sold over 2 million albums in Japan alone. She is perhaps the only artist to have consecutive studio albums in the number one slot on the Oricon charts since her debut.

When it comes to Korean BoA photography, the image she projects is of the R&B and hip-hop genre. The slick urban images complement her ballads as well as hip dance tunes. Initially when you analyze Korean BoA photography, her pictures give off an impression of a youthful style, which is very cute and childish. However, as she has progressed with her performances the images have changed into very high-profile, polished and artistic ones. This is often the case with new artists who are launched by private labels in their own countries and move on to big music labels in foreign countries. Suddenly, stylists as well as photographers try giving the person a new image to reinvent the artist and match their look to their newfound fame. Korean BoA photography is reminiscent of the same style and you can see the changes in appearance as this artist collaborates with high-profile singers from across the world.

Korean War Photography for Corporate Brands

As a leading hip-hop artist in South Korea as well as Japan, this multilingual artist is photographed across the Orient. You can find photographers from China, Taiwan as well as Hong Kong and Singapore trying to catch a glimpse of her or sign her up for different brands. She has been utilized as a brand ambassador for Nike, Olympus and L’Oreal to name just some international brands. Other than that Korean BoA photography is also connected with GM Daewoo brand of vehicles. Her photography not only restricted to her music and videos and their promotion, the hip-hop singer has gone mainstream by getting into corporate advertising.

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