Indian Bridal Fashion

Looking for Indian bridal fashion? Want to know about all the different types of bridal fashion available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right fashion for you…

Indian bridal fashion differs, depending on which part of India you come from. South Indian bridal fashion favors the Kanjeepuram silk sari in heavy brocade. Brides would wear an elaborate saree that is very expensive and stunning. The sari would be draped in the Carnatic fashion or the Brahmin fashion where the sari’s ‘thavani’ or decorative end will be highlighted prominently. Some brides also tie their sari in the Guajarati fashion, where the ‘thavani’ is brought to the front instead of being pinned to the back of the shoulder.

The sari is normally deep red in color to signify prosperity. It is also an auspicious color to wear for a wedding. The hairstyle would generally be a long braid with jasmine flowers and roses intertwined in the hair. Accessories would include plenty of yellow gold jewelry and possibly a gold embroidered handbag and gold strap-shoes.

The Indian bridal fashion of North India leans more towards the lehnga with a tight bodice called a choli, a long skirt fastened around the hips and a richly embroidered shawl that is draped over the bride’s head during the wedding ceremony to hide her face. The groom will raise the veil of the shawl to reveal her face as the ceremony ends.

North Indian bridal fashions are elegant and stunning, with beads and sequins in the silk fabric lending a royal look to the bride. Similar to the South Indian bride, North Indian brides would be decked in jewelry from nose rings to bangles and anklets. All brides would wear chandelier-like ear rings that match their necklaces as this is the epitome of bridal fashion.

Indian bridal fashions would be incomplete if the bride is not colored in mehendi. Her hands and feet would be intricately designed in the rich red color of mehendi that is left on for several hours before being washed off. The mehendi stain will remain for several weeks on the bride’s skin and is applied cautiously by her female relatives and brides maids.

You’ll be amazed at the multitude of Indian bridal fashion that an Indian bride can choose from. She can get married in a sari or a lehnga, glittering in gold and decorated with mehendi.

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