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Want information on the Korean drama Bichunmoo? Discover an interesting story regarding the popular drama filmed in 2 ½ years in China…

The Korean drama Bichunmoo received a lot of attention even before it was aired. It took more than 2 1/2 years for the production to materialize before Korean audiences could actually watch the results of this foreign-based production. This interesting drama focused on pure martial arts cost around US $7 million to produce.
The drama began filming at the end of March 2004 and was completed in May 2005. And after a long wait of 2 years and 7 months after production wrapped up, the drama will be seen by Korean viewers at long last.

The production of the Korean drama Bichunmoo was mainly conducted in China because it was felt that the outdoor scenes should be shot in the beautiful Chinese landscape and this justified such expense for a TV serial.

The drama revolves around the love of a man and woman facing death. The 38-episode TV program was edited down into 14 episodes and was aired on the SBS network. The cast had worked hard on the stunts as well as the storyline and each role was executed perfectly by each of the thespians chosen for the role.

Park Ji Yoon plays the female lead to perfection and her hard work and effort comes through in each scene. The male lead is played by Korean actor Joo Jin Mo, while the Korean drama Bichunmoo was directed by Yoon Sang Ho who has previously received a lot of acclaim for his chart-topping drama known as Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi, which had captured the attention and hearts of audiences in the previous year.

Synopsis of Korean Drama Bichunmoo

All actors in the movie are very seasoned and portray the serious love story very well. It focuses on the commitment and compassion required to see a relationship through tough times. These are people who have the courage to risk their life or walk away in order to preserve a relationship and truly show that love can triumph over all fears and overcome all obstacles. It is the main theme of the movie, which depicts the revenge and love story among four prime characters.

The cast includes Joo Jin Mo who plays the female as Yoo Jin Ha, Park Ji Yoon who plays the male lead as TaRooga Sul Ri and the other two prominent cast members Lee Jong Hyuk plays Ha Chang Ryong, while Kim Kang Woo plays Sa Joon in the epic drama.

While a certain group of the cast members play their characters as highly dedicated and committed lovers who sacrificed everything for the sake of love, there are others who have been given the role of fighting to death to defend their honor, while some other characters are hell-bent on getting revenge and seeking justice for the wrongs committed against them.

Each of the characters in the drama has their own objective to portray and independently work towards achieving it. However, their paths intersect with each other by the end of the serial.

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