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Are you looking for Cambria, California hotels to book for your next vacation trip? Would like to know how much Cambria, California hotels cost? Read on through our guide to find what you are looking for…

More and more travelers are now getting off the common tourist destination to discover and explore lesser known towns and villages, particularly in the state of California.  Cambria is just one such village.  Located in California’s central coastal region, Cambria is locally regarded as the town where the pines meet the sea.  This quaint, yet picturesque, town is a perfect getaway for those who would like to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and use the weekend to relax and unwind.  Cambria is a town that is proud of its historical heritage, distinctive shops and breathtaking nature trails where you can walk around and enjoy the beauty that only nature can provide.

Hotels In Cambria

One of the must visit sites is Hearst Castle which is located just six miles outside the town of Cambria.  This massive estate boasts 165 rooms which are filled with priceless Spanish and Italian furnishings, décor and artwork as well as beautiful terraces, walkways and pools.

Despite its small, quaint town appeal, it is not difficult to find different Cambria, California hotels that would fit both your needs and your budget.  One of the popular choices is the Pelican Cove Inn.  This is a great choice for couples that are looking for a relaxing and romantic getaway.  Room rates in this 3-star hotel start at about $218/night.  Its cozy interior is a welcoming sight for guests the moment that they arrive.  Each of the 48 guest rooms in this beautiful hotel provides satellite television, microwaves, refrigerators and coffee and tea makers.  On top of that, the close proximity of the hotel to the coast provides guests stunning views of the ocean right from their rooms, greatly adding to the hotel’s romantic factor.

If you are looking for Cambria, California hotels that are not too expensive, you can opt to make a reservation at the Cambria Palms Motel.  Hotel room rates here start at $79/night, which will fit the budget of most travelers.  This charming, family run motel is situated right in the Old Cambria village.  Each of the rooms comes equipped with cable and satellite television, a kitchenette, and a coffee and tea maker.  A plus factor in staying in this motel is the wide range of activities that guests can enjoy here during their entire stay.  The Cambria Palms Motel offers horseback riding to guests which allow them to go through some of the most serene trails in the town.  For those who would like to spend some time at the beach, the motel provides guests access to a private beach where they can either laze around in the sand or go out to the waters for scuba diving, sailing and other water sport activities.

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