Russian Caravan Tea

Russian Caravan tea is an energizing blend of black teas from China, with a rich and aromatic flavor. Read our guide for more facts and information about Russian Caravan tea…

Tea is usually an ideal beverage, regardless of the season though it is much preferred during winter. Russian Caravan is available as pre-blended, or its ingredients can be blended fresh while making the tea. Its rich and smoky aroma evokes pictures of snow-clad log houses, typifying winters.

The origin of Russian Caravan tea

An interesting fact is that the Russian Caravan does not have its origin in Russia, but it is a Chinese tea. The tea originated during the eighteenth century, when tea trade between Europe and tea-producing countries such as India, Sri Lanka and China had started. It was transported via Russia, mostly in camel caravans as indicated by the name, and a camel’s image is printed on every Russian Caravan tea pack.

The transit to the European continent

It is said that it took about half a year for the tea to be transported from China to Russia, traversing harsh climatic conditions via Mongolia and Siberia. The route was opted in order to avoid the transit via tropical seas on the Odessa route that could harm its flavor. It is supposed that the smoky aroma was acquired by the tea during campfires on the journey. Epicures in Russia opine that a delicate flavor was imparted to the tea, while it absorbed a very small degree of moisture when it had been unloaded on the snow-clad steppes of Russia.

Ingredients used in Russian Caravan Tea

A Chinese tea known as Qimen or Keemun is the black tea that forms the traditional ingredient of Russian Caravan tea. Other ingredients used in the blend include Oolong tea and Lapsang Souchong tea. Oolong tea is midway between green and black teas and is used as loose leaf. Lapsang Souchong, also used as loose leaf, was originally used as a preservative. It is the most important ingredient as it is responsible for the unique smoky aroma of the tea. It is actually black tea, smoked above a wood fire.

The usual proportion used for a perfect Russian Caravan tea comprises one part of Keemun tea, one part of Lapsang Souchong tea and two parts of Oolong tea. The proportion may be modified according to one’s taste. A teaspoon of the blend in the right proportion should be boiled with about 10 oz. of water for a perfect recipe. Adding milk would also make a distinct taste.

With a tinge of malt flavor, the vitalizing aromatic tea is moderately strong, and a must taste for connoisseurs of black teas. It is a great beverage for evening family gatherings or dinner parties. Apart from its flavor and aroma, it also offers the health benefits associated with tea.

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