Korean Drama Over The Rainbow

Watching the Korean Drama Over The Rainbow? Learn more about Over The Rainbow the South Korean TV drama that focuses on a youth’s lust for stardom…

Over The Rainbow is a popular South Korean drama that focuses on the youth of today and their quest for getting stardom and fame. Focusing on the pros and cons of the celebrity world it captures different aspects of the world of the stars.

There is a very realistic portrayal of different characters like singing sensations who have unbounded ambition and talent, while others are wannabes and have no talent but who nevertheless take a stab at reaching the heights of superstardom.

It focuses on the hard work required to achieve celebrity status and popularity as a singer. It breaks away from preventing the world of celebrity as an easy and charmed life. The stars have shed sweat, tears and blood to get to the position they are at and work hard to constantly maintain their status.

Its twists and turns include betrayal, intrigue and heartbreak as the drama unfolds. Basically the Korean drama Over the Rainbow shows that the life of the celebrity is basically a life that burns like a flame.

Cast Members for Korean Drama over the Rainbow

Kwon Hyeok-ju played by South Korean actor Ji Hyeon-woo is a character that is very proud and steadfast. Depicted as an extremely stubborn person he does not stop until he achieves his personal goals.

Being a straightforward person and almost a simpleton at times the boy was a very good student who was always defending his friends who were in trouble in school but ended up becoming a rough bully himself. In fact, he grows up and is often asked to work for crime organizations. But when he performs on the Youth Dance Contest as a punishment he receives praise from the crowd and we feel that there’s another way for him to achieve his goal of wealth and fame, becoming an entertainer.

Ma Sang-mi is a sad young girl who wants to become a heroine in a TV program. South Korean actress Seo Ji-hye plays her character. She keeps talking about her dreams of stardom and keeps butting into the personal matters and issues of others. She has no self-respect and forgets anyone who hurts or annoys her. Although she is hyperactive and looks naive she is also very hotheaded. Her aim is to be a star or perhaps the girlfriend of a star if she has no talent.

Lex is played by the Korean actor Hwan-Hee and is a stellar musician with boyish good looks and charm to match. With over 10,000 fans he is a smooth operator with girls falling all over him. A natural born singer he has hit after hit and becomes more arrogant and hot-tempered. After dumping tons of girls he comes across one who dislikes him and he starts pursuing her to win her over as a challenge.

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