Thomasville Kitchen China Cabinets

Thomasville China Cabinets are known for their style and quality build. To find out more about choosing the right Thomasville furniture for your interior read on…

Thomasville Furniture Co. was established in 1904 as a manufacturer of fine chairs. It was not long before they branched out into other home furnishings and in the 1920s they became the first furniture maker to introduce matching furniture suites. Known for their high quality, Thomasville china cabinets offer style, durability and great craftsmanship that never goes out of style.

As the first furniture stores to present the gallery concept of furniture display, Thomasville shows furniture in settings that look like rooms in actual homes. Most of their dining suites are offered with matching china cabinets and sideboards or buffets, but the pieces can be purchased separately to harmonize with existing pieces. There are styles to suit every taste, but this fine furniture is not cheap, the average price for a new Thomasville china cabinet is over $2000.

Made from solid hardwoods, these china cabinets are intended to last and can easily become heirloom pieces, cherished by families for generations. They are available in many different finishes from light to dark woods and in distressed and painted styles. A variety of sizes is also available to meet the needs of different customers who may have very large or very small living spaces. Most Thomasville china cabinets feature glass fronts and sides and some have mirrored backs.

The hallmark of Thomasville china cabinets are the beautiful design details. Many of these china cabinets feature built in lighting fixtures and glass shelves to enhance the display of fine china a crystal. The style choices range from Queen Anne, to Oriental to modern contemporary, but all feature the craftsmanship that is central to the Thomasville brand. From formal dining to casual entertaining, Thomasville has a style to suit every consumer’s needs.

Thomasville china cabinets are available at fine furniture stores, at their own furniture outlets and through online retailers. When choosing a china cabinet, especially if making the purchase online, it is important to measure the length, height and width of the area where the cabinet will be placed. This insures that the piece will fit perfectly and will not be too large or too small for the room.

For those looking for furnishings in thrift stores, used furniture shops or antique stores, finding a china cabinet with the Thomasville name means the piece will provide beauty and quality in the home for years to come. Even used china cabinets of this caliber are not cheap, but they are usually less expensive than new pieces.

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