Korean Jindo

Buying a Korean Jindo? Discover more about the fiercely loyal Jindo dog from the Korean island Jindo…

The Korean Jindo is the fiercely loyal and brave dog native to the Jindo Island in South Korea. It is not well known outside of South Korea, but is a popular and celebrated hunting dog in the country. It is actually considered one of the national treasures of South Korea and ranks 53rd on the list of commemorated issues.

Physical Characteristics of the Korean Jindo

It has exceptional hunting abilities and is considered a very dedicated and loyal animal. The medium-sized dog is similar to the double coated Spitz dog. In order to separate it from other breeds the most common examination is conducted of the head.

The wrinkle free head is broad and round with a very developed under-jaw. The coarse hair stands away from the cheeks and the triangular ears are alert and lean forward with a lot of fur inside. The almond shaped eyes have a dark reddish-brown tinge, which is characteristic of the original Korean Jindo dog.

While the white Korean Jindo’s have mottled pinkish or tan noses  all the other colored dogs have a black nose with a light and proportionate muzzle, which has black and firm lips. It is interesting to note that the solid pink tongue is the preferred color, however the Korean Jindo’s can also have blue-black tongues.

Body Classification of the Korean Jindo

The body of the Korean Jindo can exhibit some basic differences and classified in two separate categories known as the Heutgae and the Gyupgae. The first category has a slender body and the chest is not very deep. The height to length ratio of the Korean Jindo is 10:11.

The second category has a muscular appearance and a shorter height coupled with the deep chest. There are six different colors for the coat that are recognized by the United Kennel Club. These include the tiger pattern known as the brindle, a combination of black and tan, red fawn, white, gray and solid black.

Nature of the Jindo

The gentle nature of this breed of dog and unswerving loyalty towards owners has caused the misconception that the Korean Jindo will only be attached to one owner throughout its life. However, older dogs also get along well with new owners. In order to keep them happy and fit in a household they require lots of care and attention. They are highly active and can be kept outside because they require a lot of space to frolic around and can jump very high.

This intelligent dog is very interactive and often requires social interactions with other dogs and humans to keep it alert and satisfied. If they’re left to their own devices they become a bit hyper and start exploring, which may lead to the destruction of home furnishings and landscaping.

This dog is very intelligent and unfortunately becomes too active at times for an owner to handle. Since it is not very well known a lot of these dogs are found abandoned in dog shelters. That is mainly because the owners cannot handle the damage and hyperactivity related to the dog.

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