Korean Mink

Interested in purchasing Korean mink? Discover the good qualities required for selecting authentic Korean mink…

When investing in high quality Korean mink you need to know the basic selection criteria. You can find different items like throws, blankets and cushions made out of this unique fabric. A lot of care should be taken when purchasing this pricey product. It is a high-end luxury item but as is common with expensive products, you can find a lot of second category and knock off style Korean mink products.

Both online suppliers and those operating in retail markets compete hard to maintain the authenticity of the original products, because they’re quite expensive. Therefore you also must be aware of the basics in order to select your Korean mink from a reputable and genuine seller.

Tips for Purchasing Korean Mink Items

The first point to remember is to know that even in Korea where animal rights are limited original mink blankets are rarely made from animal fur. That is because genuine fur from the animals is very rare and there are many animal rights groups that denounce this practice.

For this reason it is now widely known that natural mink has been replaced by synthetic fibers, because natural Korean mink would make for very expensive products like robes, throws and blankets. Therefore a large quantity of products made from Korean mink is actually blended with synthetic fiber.

However, to ensure that you’re purchasing high quality Korean mink you need to check that the product has more than 85% of acrylic fiber content. This is combined with 15% or lower quantity of polyester fiber. The softness of a Korean mink blanket or robe comes from the acrylic fiber whilst the polyester ensures that the blanket has some degree of stiffness and remains free of wrinkles.

The most beautiful Korean mink blankets, which have just the right amount of acrylic and polyester fibers will be as soft as cashmere to the touch. Another important quality to look for is the shine and luster of the Korean mink products. This is very evident in the robes, blankets and throws made out of Korean mink.

Another important factor is that the designs are very intricate and the colors are very dense and rich. The bright and vibrant colors, which shine brightly, are a sign of a good quality Korean mink product. You need to be aware that Korean mink products are not color-fast and when you wash them in warm water the color runs.

Since you cannot physically check the Korean mink product when you are purchasing it online it is important to purchase it from credible sources. Check the terms and conditions along with the return policy and guarantees provided by the online retailer before you purchase any high-priced Korean mink product.

While most people think of Korean mink as the original and natural product you need to be aware that it is actually faux mink that is sold widely on the market. Therefore, do not end up paying the price of original animal fur for the basic synthetic products that are created to replicate the colors and feel of natural mink products.

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