Best Burger Joints Breckenridge Colorado

There are over 100 restaurants in the town of Breckenridge that cater to every meal and every taste. Casual dining and family friendly establishments abound, but not all burger restaurants feature the same high quality and great service. These are some of the best Breckenridge burger joints.

Empire Burgers

Empire has consistently high reviews even from such sources as The only complaint voiced by any of the reviewers was the size of the burgers which they thought could be larger. Empire earned high points for originality and flavor and the dipping sauces offered with french fries were a big hit. Moderately priced and family friendly, Empire Burgers is a great place for a family lunch or dinner during a visit to Breckenridge.

Downstairs at Eric’s

This is a casual dining restaurant with a deli style menu. rated it four and a half out of five stars based on 173 reviews. Great burgers and pizza with a full bar, Downstairs at Eric’s was rated especially high for its fun and friendly service. It is family friendly and can accommodate large groups with prices that are low to moderate so it is budget friendly as well. Definitely one of the top ten restaurants for American cuisine and casual dining in the area.

Breckenridge Brewery

Beer aficionados will love the Breckenridge Brewery which is another casual dining choice that is great for children but also offers late night service. In addition to a selection of local beers, this restaurant has great burgers and pub style food. Ranked at four out of five stars based on 138 reviews, the Breckenridge Brewery is a great place to spend a fun evening with or without the children.

Lodgepole Bar & Grill

Those with a taste for adventurous eating may enjoy a visit to the Lodgepole where they can dine on a buffalo burger or steak. The menu also includes beef burgers and steaks for diners who prefer not to experiment. This restaurant rated high on menu choices and food and most diners were pleased with the service. While not as family friendly as some other burger joints, the Lodgepole rated four out of five stars based on 15 consumer reviews.

Quandary Grille

This bar and burger joint is located at the base of peak 9 and is closer to the slopes than any other restaurant except for the slopeside eateries. Skiers recommended the food and atmosphere as a great place for lunch or dinner during a day of hitting the slopes. Moderately priced and family friendly, the Quandary Grille is rated four out of five stars. The restaurant features a happy hour with reduced prices that was a very popular feature.

Stella’s Hungry Horse

For families that prefer to eat on the go, Stella’s Hungry Horse got high marks for its sliders and burgers. Stella’s is a purple food cart located on Main St. in Breckenridge and does not offer restaurant service, but does offer some of the best and most eclectic burgers around. The gave this little food cart high marks for food quality and menu selection which includes Asian duck sliders.

Epic Videos

Visitors to Empire Burgers may notice their neighbor, Epic Videos. This small business specializes in making videos of sporting activities and visitors who want to document their Breckenridge trip should stop in and enquire about professional quality videos of their skiing or snowboarding adventures. Whether on a honeymoon or a family vacation, it is great to have a remembrance of all the fun and adventure enjoyed at Breckenridge, Co.

There are many more restaurants with a more romantic or formal atmosphere than these popular burger joints, but for casual lunches, dinners or late night meals, these are among the top choices. All of these restaurants feature moderate prices and great service. Consumer reviews are available at travel and dining websites.

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