Korean Movie The Harmonium in My Memory

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The movie from Korea entitled The Harmonium in My Memory was also released under the Korean name Nae maeumui punggeum as well as the different title of Organ of My Heart. Directed by leading Korean film producer Lee Young-jae this Korean movie is an example of the drama genre.

The cast members include leading Korean actors and actresses Lee Byung-hun, Do-yeon, Jeon and Lee Mi-yeon. This film is in the Korean language and is available with English subtitles. The running time for this film from Korea entitled The Harmonium in My Memory is 1 hour and 58 minutes.

Synopsis of The Storyline of The Korean Movie

Set in the year 1962, the Korean movie entitled The Harmonium in My Memory is based on the life of a young schoolteacher from Seoul who decides to take his first teaching assignment at a small village school located in the province of Kangwon in South Korea.

Upon his arrival he is met by a number of challenges regarding his students. The unruly band of students comes from poor backgrounds and hardly any of them can write well. Most of the study time is wasted when students get into fights or some relatives try to visit some of his students.

However, even though the students don’t follow his advice or listen to him when he tries to discipline them, they do like his idealistic approach and caring nature.

As the story unfolds one of his older students starts falling in love with him. Using her daily homework assignment she starts commenting on his teaching and tries to ask him personal as well as probing questions to get his attention and always retain his focus on her. The teacher however is oblivious to her affection as is warranted for someone in his position.

As time goes by the young gentleman starts developing a romantic interest in one of the teachers at the village school who was obviously from his own age group.
Through humor the director brings forth the idealistic nature of the teachers and the passion of the young girl for us into perspective. However, in no way does the handling of this theme distract from the serious undertones of the storyline.

Actress Jeon Do-yeon has previously played fabulous roles in the Korean movies The Contact and the popular movie A Promise. She is seen in this wonderful production as a 17-year-old shy and timid schoolgirl who develops the courage to try and attract the attention of her kind and gentle schoolteacher by making passes at him in both overt and covert ways.

Perhaps the best-known movies including Korean actor Lee Mi-yeon are the movies Whispering Corridors and No. 3. Playing the role of Jeon’s rival, this idealistic teacher arrives straight from Seoul to teach at the same school as the young gentleman who is a teacher of Jeon’s class.

Most of the movies focusing on the student teacher subjects relate to academic environments and the challenges faced by students to cope with academic stress while teachers motivate them.

By the end of the movie the audience is truly moved by the powerful performances, which subtly creep up with a great force and take the audience by surprise. The beautiful editing and direction provided by leading Korean filmmakers has resulted in this movie crossing borders and reaching out to an international audience.

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