American Eagle Alloy Wheels

Interested in buying a set of American Eagle alloy wheels? Discover some of the best wheels developed by American Eagle…

American Eagle is a renowned name when it comes to rims and wheels. It produces a wide variety of wheels catering to cars, trucks and SUVS. The various models differ not only in terms of their physical appeal but also in terms of the performance that they have to deliver.

Some of the most popular American Eagle wheels from the company are as follows:

American Eagle wheels 054

This is one of the most popular alloy wheels from American eagle. The lug wheels are available for trucks and SUVs only. The size range for American Eagle 054 wheels ranges from 15 x 7, 15 x 8 and 15 x 10 inches. Interested individuals have a choice to go for a machined or polish look with these American Eagle wheels.

American eagle wheels 178

This is yet another interesting variety of super wheels from American Eagle. You will be able to find these wheels for your car as well as an SUV. The 178 model is known for its super performance and impressive design. The polished look adds to the glory of these power rims. These special American Eagle rims are also quite cost effective making them an ideal replacement.

American racing eagle wheels Estrella model

This is perhaps the most highly celebrated model from American Eagle. The Estrella model is part of the racing wheels collection from the company. It is available for 13 to 17 inches wheels which is why it has such a prominent place in the market. The face and lip wheels are available in two distinct finishes. One is the robust machined finish whereas the other is the sparkling silver. Each look has a totally different feel to it.

American eagle 211 wheels

These classic rims are one of the most difficult ones to find in the market. They feature the offset lug pattern which has a timeless appeal amongst the masses. The super wheels are available in the trademark polished finish by American Eagle.

American eagle 058 wheels

These special rims are a part of the eagle alloy series. They are available for trucks and SUVs of varying sizes ranging from 15 x 7 to 16 x 8. The classical polished finish gives the 058 a powerful appeal that sets them apart.

Over the years American eagle wheels have established a reputation of being the hottest custom wheels in the market. The thing that sets this brand apart is the fact that the super stylish high performance wheels are sold at an affordable price. Interested individuals have a choice to go for chrome, painted, machined, polished and silver finishes in these alloy wheels.

American Eagle recommends that whenever you need replacement wheels or want to upgrade your wheels you should replace them with a complete set rather than going for mix and match. This is important because incorporating two different sets of American Wheels can effect the performance of your car.


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