Rio Grande Turkey Outfitters

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Rio Grande Turkey outfitters are well known for having a hundred percent success rates for their clients who enjoy hunting turkey. It is a good idea to select professional turkey hunting outfitters who have a good network across America for a more pleasurable hunting experience.

The different types of turkeys that you can hunt from thousands of miles of terrain in America include the Rio Grande, Osceola, Eastern, Merriam’s and the Gould’s which populate the entire North American continent as well as South America.

The dark winged Osceola is a hunter’s favorite and you may require a lot of patience and hours of searching and calling this bird before you are able to hunt one down successfully. However, the wait is worthwhile because the hunt is very rewarding.

The Eastern turkey is most widely spread of all the turkey species in North America and populates the country from north to south and from the east coast all the way to the west coast.

They can generally be hunted from mid-March all the way through May but this depends on the hunting seasons announced by the individual states across the country. It is interesting to see that the Eastern turkeys are acclimatized to different ecosystems which include mountain forests and swamps in Florida.

Rio Grande turkey hunting outfitters actually offer excellent hunting opportunities for those interested in hunting Rio Grande turkey. The gobblers are prevalent across the country and are abundant in the states of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.

Tips for Hunting the Rio Grande Turkey

A successful Rio Grande hunting outfitters trip is possible if you are prepared as a hunter. Why not use different calls closeouts like a striker or a diaphragm or even a tube? You should start by using turkey calls closeouts very gently in the beginning.

Do not be aggressive and start off with small purrs and clucks. If you do not get a response then you can increase your pitch to attract the gobbler with a medium yelp. You can then move on to strike for some aggressive yelping and cutting noises. If you start aggressively right from the beginning the gobbler is very apt to get startled and run off.

A turkey might respond to different calls on different days in the woods. For example on windy days only the box and aluminum can clearly cut through the noise of the wind to attract gobblers. It’s essential to use something different so that you don’t end up sounding like most of the hunters who are hunting with you.

A great idea is to observe the routine of the turkey before you actually start hunting them at random. If you know where they would be likely to dwell and feed, it will be much easier for you to make calls that lure them to a place that the gobblers actually want to be in.

Don’t go into the hunting trip without testing your ammunition and gun. It is important to test the choke and the gun performance. Also you should know the optimum performance level of the gun at different distances and never try to shoot beyond that. You should aim to get a 95% pattern within a 30 inch circle at a distance of 40 yards.

Gobblers are extremely sharp eyed so it is best to be completely camouflaged with gloves, guns which have camouflage and perhaps a face mask. Blend into the surroundings completely and don’t move too much or you will startle the sharp eyed turkeys.

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