Korean War Jeeps

Interested in Korean War Jeeps? Discover the lead role played by Korean War Jeeps manufactured by the famous Jeep brand…

When the Chinese entered the Korean War the strategic withdrawal in 1950 was led by Jeep. Since the fighting shifted to the dividing line between North and South Korea known as the 38th parallel, the Korean War Jeep were pushed to their limits and tested in different support and combat roles.

Initially a very limited amount of military equipment and gear was apportioned to the Jeeps because they were normally utilized as storage and transportation vehicles. However some of the Korean War Jeeps had communications equipment on them as well.

That meant that they were given a front-line position to watch  enemy aircraft and assist in air strikes. The country was flooded with refugees fleeing from the North Korean regime’s dictatorship. Consequently the roads and streets were flooded with Korean War Jeeps to allow military personnel to navigate easily in the crowded cities.

Classic Design of The Korean War Jeeps

The Korean War Jeeps were made by the Jeep manufacturing company and had been created before World War II. After its success as a durable war vehicle postwar plans included its alteration into a commercial and civilian vehicle. It was soon transformed into a passenger car after the war and the brand survives as a rough terrain and passenger vehicle until this day.

Commissioning the Jeep for World War II

The US government was involved heavily in fighting World War II and required an all-terrain reconnaissance vehicle and floated tenders to all the American manufacturers. The Jeep was utilized throughout World War II and by the year 1941 the company was overloaded and could not match the demands of production as it was making Jeeps for civilian as well as military purposes.

By 1941 Ford was also commissioned to manufacture a substantial quantity of the licensed designs of the Willys – Overland, which is today popularly referred to as the Jeep. The versatile vehicle had proven its mettle during World War II and became an indispensable military asset during the ill-fated and strenuous Korean War.

Durability of the Korean War jeeps

In order to understand the steadiness and durability of the Korean war jeeps a small step back into history should be sufficient. The manufacturer of the jeeps utilized during the Korean War was the famed Willys – Overland who won the rights to the government contract as sole manufacturer of military jeeps in the year 1941. By that time the company had finalized and completed the prototype for a high quality and durable all-terrain vehicle. This was demonstrated by a well-publicized event which was covered by the press in Washington DC in the same year. The versatile jeep was driven up the steps of the Capitol to prove its prowess.

Origin of the Name Jeep

When the driver Irving Hausmann was asked to identify the Jeep by its name he used a term he had heard soldiers on military bases using when they spoke of prototypes which were tested for military purposes.

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