Australian Heavy Haul Trucks

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The owner transporter of a business is a person who owns the heavy haul truck and undertakes contract transportation assignments. The transportation service can cater to the local market and involve the delivery of goods locally, over the road distribution or any other service that involves the movement of goods from one place to another. When a driver of a heavy haul truck becomes the owner operator; he not only increases his earnings but also enjoys greater freedom and control over the type of assignments that he takes on; however, the added benefits also equate to increased responsibilities. So here is a look at the perquisites required to become the owner operator of heavy haul trucks in Australia.

Experience: For an owner-operator contract to come into effect, the driver should have a minimum level of experience which can be verified if need be. Generally, it is important to have at least a few years’ experience with a transportation company before you consider donning the mantle of owner-operator.

Additional licenses: Apart from the standard commercial driver’s license, many companies will also expect the owner-operator of heavy haul trucks to get additional certifications that give them the relevant knowledge to handle hazardous substances. This can diversify the load types that can be carried, improving business. The fewer the restrictions, the more will be the job opportunities available to the owner-operator.

Incorporate the business: This is another crucial requirement that will save your skin as the owner-operator from liabilities resulting from loss of life or property and injury to other drivers in case of an accident. Incorporating the company will also safe guard your finances in case of adversities and give your firm a professional look. Among the other benefits of incorporating the firm is the ability to get financing and insurance easily under the name of the business.

Choosing the right vehicle: As the owner-operator of heavy haul trucks in Australia, you will also have to review the financing options available to you when purchasing a vehicle. While buying a heavy haul truck, ensure that the vehicle will suit the type of transportation assignments that you intend to take on. For instance, you may not need a sleeper compartment if you only intend to service local customers; however, this feature can be a gas guzzler when not in use. You could also buy a used truck to save some money and put it aside for the eventual repairs.

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