Korean War Uniforms

Interested in Korean War Uniforms? Learn more about the uniforms, utilized by US military during the war in Korea…

One would assume that Korean War uniforms would relate to the military of Korea but, in fact, are the uniforms for the United States military personnel.

The Korean War was one of the most disturbing military conflicts that the United States ever entered into. It was a war that was not declared and the winner of the conflict was never evident. However on the flipside it helped in creating the most long-lasting truce between warring nations in the history of global conflict.

Korean War Gear and Uniform

Different items were utilized during the Korean War, which include field gear as well as uniforms. Initially the uniforms utilized during the Korean War resembled the ones utilized during World War II by the American military. However, by the tail end of this conflict they had evolved into individual styles and a unique and easily identifiable look was finally visible.

Basically the Korean War uniform consisted of a US Army tunic. This was similar to the design utilized during World War II and was available in the format of a tunic with two oversized front pockets and had the herringbone construction. There are two buttons attached to the collar of the tunic in order to allow the use of a hood with the tunic if required.

Inside the collar a tag is stitched with the information and size of the clothing. The inner part of the uniform bears a stamp in black ink, which depicts the lot number of the uniform. Following the pattern of the US military uniforms used in World War II it also has black metallic buttons, which have a multi-star imprint on top.

The emblem printed on the uniform is yellow and black and the earlier samples of this uniform were also utilized during the Vietnam War. The reason for discontinuation of these uniforms was the fact that the yellow patch would give away the position of US soldiers at night because it was a reflective material. These were later replaced by new uniforms, which had the tags printed in the same colors as the base of the uniform in order to blend properly. This was printed over with black lettering.

Korean War Uniform -US Naval G1 Flight Jacket

One of the most popular collectible items from the Korean War uniforms series is the US Navy G1 flight jacket. This leather jacket is very popular due to its unique design and the fact that it was issued to both pilots and crewmembers who were part of the Korean War conflict.

It has scalloped flaps and these are fastened with big brown buttons made out of plastic, which is very durable and long lasting. An interesting fact about this leather jacket with the fur collar is that it had a blood chit printed inside it.
This blood chit was printed on silk and contained the image of the American flag along with writing in different languages. This was stitched on the inside of the jacket and could be utilized to seek help from the locals in the event that one of the US Air Force pilots was shot down and landed in the local territory.

Printing the blood chit information could help one of the downed US military personnel to get assistance. There is even a zipper to close the jacket shut from the front while the collar is fastened with the buttons.

These jackets were mainly manufactured by Talon, which is a company that is renowned for its production of durable military zippers. There is also a black tag on the jacket, which has gold lettering painted on it.

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