Columbia Titanium Jackets

Columbia Titanium jackets are characterized by the Columbia interchange system, allowing a three-in-one jacket along with other high-tech features for maximum comfort and protection. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Columbia jackets consist of an extensive product line with utilitarian features for outdoor activities, to combat hard weather conditions of rain, storm and wind. With lightweight insulations, adjustable hoods and zippered closures and pockets, they ensure that the wearer is dry, warm and free to move dexterously.

The unique interchange system of Columbia Titanium jacket

The Titanium jacket incorporates the interchange system, and functions as a three-in-one jacket. The shell and fleece-liner are separable and their combination forms a single jacket, which allows a complete parka-like protection. The fleece-liner and the outer shell can each be worn as individual jackets. Therefore, the Titanium jacket is adaptable to different weather conditions as well as activities. It shows a remarkable performance with regard to warmth, dryness and style in any weather, ranging from drizzle to downpour.

Other hi-tech features

The Omni-Tech formula of Columbia provides breathable and water-proof properties, contributed by the various fabrics. Micro-porous coatings are combined with the fabrics to prevent penetration of water droplets, but they allow sweat to evaporate and escape. The jacket also features a protective hood, air-circulation vent, safe pockets and articulated elbow joints for free movement.

Description of the Columbia Titanium jacket

The well-insulated lightweight jacket has a critical seam-seal to maximize water-repellant properties, and its storm hood is elastic-adjustable, rendering maximum protection for the head and face. There are enough zip-closed and Velcro hand-pockets for storing personal items and to keep the hands warm. Armpit-zippers allow ventilation and breathability when required, and the elastic drawstring makes it versatile as well as adjustable. The cuffs can be adjusted to prevent entry of any cold air, and the sleeves have elastic ribbing to allow free movement during strenuous outdoor activities. Women’s jackets are characterized by a slim-cut design and feminine patterns.  The outer shell is made of polyester, while the separable fleece is partly made of recycled polyester, making it environmental friendly.

The fleece liner can be separated from the outer shell by unsnapping the sleeve cuffs and unzipping the fleece jacket at the central portion on the front, i.e., on both the inner right and left sides. Then, the sleeves of the fleece jacket can be pulled out from the sleeves of the outer shell, to separate the two jackets gradually. Either of them can be used alone, depending on the weather condition and activity requirements.

The technology used in Columbia Titanium jackets has made its way into fleece sweaters, vests, pants, polo shirts and shoes, owing to its superior performance and wider reach.

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