Korean War Veterans Memorials

Interested in Korean War Veterans Memorials? Read about the war Memorial found in almost every state in the United States that pay homage to the military forces that helped to liberate South Korea in the Korean War…

Korean War Veterans Memorials were established across the United States in different cities under the law passed on October 28, 1986. The Public Law 99-572 makes provisions for the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C while other states followed suit. The aim was to honor and preserve the memory of all the American military personnel involved in the liberation of South Korea during the Korean War.

There are three different categories of military personnel who have been commemorated with different memorials. These include the soldiers who were killed during the war, the men who are still missing (it is unknown whether they are alive or dead) and finally those held as prisoners of war who either died or returned home after suffering severe calamities at the hands of the inhumane North Korean army.

The president of the United States had established an advisory committee of 12 members to coordinate the construction of the beautiful memorial which stands across from the Lincoln Memorial with the pool reflecting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. in the same area.

Korean War Veterans Memorials — Washington DC

The architect regarded as the mastermind behind the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington DC is the firm of Cooper Lecky Architects. The Memorial in Washington DC was dedicated to the military personnel on July 27, 1995 by then-President of South Korea Kim Young Sam and then-President of United States Bill Clinton. There have been many additions and improvements to the monument over the years.

One such addition is the shelter for the National Park Service people along with incorporating the computerized data housing system, which contains a prestigious Honor Role listing the services records of the military personnel who served in the Korean War. It is accessible to the public in general. The reflecting pool and landscaping work was completed by mid-1999. A lot of time was also spent on planning out the accessibility areas and making it easy for public to navigate the memorial.

Lighting and murals were crafted with state-of-the-art fiber optics for the Memorial. Including the design of the Memorial, the kiosk for the personnel and a computerized data system, the Memorial racked up a cost of $16.5 million. With 19 statues of tall heroic military personnel the Memorial is an imposing testament to acts of sacrifice and heroism.

The ethnic background of the Korean War veterans is reflected by the creation of statues that represent Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American, Oriental and Native American soldiers. Each wing of the military is commemorated by creating statues to represent Army, Marine, Navy and Air Force personnel.

Korean War Veteran Memorials in the United States

Other memorials constructed around the United States include Korean War Memorial in Danbury, Connecticut, Downingtown Area Veterans Memorial, Maine Korean War Memorial, Milam County Texas War Dead Project, Korean War Memorial – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Korean War Memorial, Texas A&M Korean War Honor Roll, Lake County (IN) Korean Veterans Memorial, and the Oregon Korean War Veterans Memorial .

The list of Korean War Veterans Memorials across the United States is as impressive as it is prestigious. Each state that lost military personnel and family members to the war has worked hard on creating commemorative sites to remember and honor their loved ones and the sacrifices made for the sake of humanity.

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