Italian Gold Earrings

Short of ideas on what to get your wife for her birthday? Follow our advice and present her an exquisite pair of Italian gold earrings. Read our information guide for the facts on costs, prices, designs and quality.

Women have for long taken great pains to beautify themselves. They adorn them selves with jewelry, use various cosmetics, and wear different styles of clothes and what not. By wearing jeweler of your taste you make a statement about your self. But some jewelry articles are simply more important than others and earrings are definitely one of them. Italian gold earrings have for long wooed the world and here is the answer to the question “why?”

Gold, Italian Love

Gold has truly been the Italians’ love for millennia. Nearly 3,000 years ago, they started making gold jewelry in Tuscany and there has been no looking back. Over the years the crafty goldsmiths of Italy perfected their art and finally succeeded in producing breathtakingly beautiful jewelry with amazing craftsmanship and fine gold quality. And so, it has remained the same. Italy now proudly processes and uses 500 tons of fine gold each year. It provides employment for over 40,000 people in the gold sector where almost 10,000 related companies work.

Italy mostly uses 18 carats gold. The carat is the unit to measure gold content in gold alloys. Gold is used in the alloy form as pure gold is too soft and fragile to be used in its pure form. It has to be combined chemically with other metal bases like copper, nickel and silver etc to form gold alloys. 24 carats is considered to be pure gold.


Earrings are a kind of jewelry worn in the ear. Mostly they are worn in the ear lobe, the lower part of the ear, but they can be worn in many different parts of the ear, particularly in the cartilage area. Usually women wear earrings but these days an increased number of men also proudly wear them. Nine is the maximum number any one can safely pierce his/her ears.

Italian Gold Earrings

In Italy, 18 carats is the gold standard. Earrings in Italy are mostly produced in 14 and 18 carats. They are more durable and require less maintenance. Their prices depend on their design, their size and their gold content in carats. There is a huge variety of designs and styles of earrings to choose from. Some of these styles are as follows:

Stud Earrings: These earrings have a stick like structure at the back which is not visible and it passes through the ear lobe.
Hoop Earrings: These are mostly circular and sometimes square shaped and pass through the ear lobe on the top.
Dangling Earrings: These earrings hang down from the lobe to different lengths, some times reaching till the shoulders.
Huggy Earrings: These simply close around the earlobe area.
Chandelier Earrings: These are shaped like chandeliers and are available in various lengths.

These earrings in Italian gold are a pure pleasure to own and sheer joy to wear. So, if you have someone you care a lot about, go ahead and buy!

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