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Want to learn more about Domodossola, Italy? Read on for facts and info on this historical city of Italy…

Located in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossala, Domodossola is the name of an Italian city in the region of Piedmont. Over the course of history the city has acquired many different names such as Oscela, Ossolo, Domo d’Osolla etc. This is primarily due to its location in the Ossola valley.

The exact location of this Italian city places it at the confluence of two rivers known as Toce and Bogna. According to the latest statistics there are about 18,500 people living in Domodossola. The majority of the population is of authentic Italian origin and followers of the Roman Catholic Faith.

This Italian city features a beautiful scenic environment as it is situated at the foot of the Italian Alps. The strategic location of the city has also made it serve as a major passenger rail hub throughout its history. Today it serves as an international stopping point accommodating Swiss rail passengers making their way from Locarno to Brig via the Simplon Pass. Locarno is actually a Swiss city where the Italian language is spoken and on the other hand Brig is another Swiss city with a large population of Germans.
The economy of this Italian city is primarily based on services, mechanical industry and the working of stones. Because of the fact that Domodossala is situated between prominent waterways the surrounding area has a number of different dams as well as hydroelectric plants. Also to the credit of Domodossola is the fact that it is used to represent the letter D in the original Italian phonetic alphabet.

History of Domodossola

Domodossola has been considered as a very important place in Italy throughout history. When the Romans conquered this particular region in 12 BC they established Domodossola as the chief town of the region. The city has also experienced a considerable amount of action during World War II. At that point in time it served as the base from which an uprising was staged against the Germans. One of the unique situations that occurred during World War II was that the valley of Ossola actually declared itself as an independent republic and chose to break away from Fascist Italy. However the German troops managed to crush the rebellion in a matter of a few months. Nonetheless the event is remembered in history as an important symbol against the Fascism that was being spread by Italy at that point in time.

Domodosola today

Today the city is known for being one of the most frequented tourist destinations of Italy. It has a number of ancient relics that globetrotters come to witness from around the world. Among the must see sites of Domodossola is the Collegiate Church of St. Gervasius and Protasius. The city also houses a 17th-century structure by the name of Palazzo Silva. Domodossola is perhaps most famous for the Sacro Monte Calvario it is considered to be a place of pilgrimage where people from all over Italy and beyond come to worship.

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