Lizadas Red Korean Ginseng

Need information on Lizadas Red Korean Ginseng? Learn how this traditional herb helps fight hepatitus B and has other health benefits…

The Lizadas red Korean ginseng is actually an herbal medicine utilized commonly in the Orient. Countries like Korea, Japan and China along with Vietnam are known to utilize herbal medication for centuries to cure different ailments. The Korean red ginseng has many legends and myths ascribed to it since 33 B.C. Many people believe that the red Korean ginseng is a glow-in-the-dark plant and hunters and gatherers in ancient times used to shoot arrows onto the glowing plant at night and then go and collect the root in the morning. That made it very easy to locate but later on it was discovered that fireflies were actually the bugs attracted to the plant and were the source of the glow.

Benefits of the Lizadas Red Korean Ginseng

Lizadas red Korean ginseng is popular for its restorative effect on the human body. It is widely utilized for curing impotence and sterility in males along with being a good cure for Hepatitis B, which is a fatal disease affecting the liver. Oriental ginseng is more popular than American ginseng and the red Korean ginseng is most popular oriental variety regardless of the size and shape. Imperial governments were honored by being presented the root in cedar boxes in ancient times. The Chinese and other Asian countries placed a high value on red Korean ginseng.

Description of the Lizadas Red Korean Ginseng

The red Korean ginseng looks like a disfigured human being. It is known as the King. Throughout the world scientists who focus on herbal medicine are trying to unlock its many mysteries in helping the human body repair and heal itself. Initially it was utilized as a tonic which promoted cell rejuvenation and delayed the signs of aging. However, research has shown that it helps with diseases of the different organs as well as diabetes, anemia, arthritis, impotency as well as the HIV virus.

Due to increasing demand it is not only propagated and grown in the Orient but now also cultivated scientifically under careful watch all over the world. There are many scientific observatories spending time checking the best topography, climate and soil quality that will result in optimal production of red Korean ginseng.

Superiority of the Red Korean Ginseng

Red ginseng has special qualities and seems to have the highest amount of the active ingredients, which can be extracted from it. These active ingredients are known as ginsenosides and saponins.  The Lizadas red Korean ginseng, which has a root of over six years of age would have as many as 22 ginsenosides whereas the Chinese ginseng has 15 followed by the Northeast American ginseng, which has 14. The ginseng grown in Japan has eight ginsenosides whereas the ones in the eastern Himalaya and Nepal have not been studied enough. Therefore, based on this important aspect it is best to buy red Korean ginseng from reputable sources as this offers the best bet for vitality and benefits to health.

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