Turkey Taxidermy

Interested in Turkey Taxidermy? Learn how to prepare your wild turkey for turkey taxidermy…

If you’re fond of hunting turkey then it is a good idea to have one mounted. Before you start off with hunting the bird, visit a taxidermist in your area so that you know what kind of quality they can deliver and what their prices are. Taxidermists are available across the country and you can actually ship your bird to good quality mounting outfits that will give you excellent results.

Preparing for Turkey Taxidermy

There are two major aspects that you need to consider for a beautifully mounted turkey; keeping the bird in excellent condition until it is delivered to the taxidermist, and looking for an expert in turkey taxidermy.

Before you begin hunting you must decide on how you will store the bird for shipment. If you have already selected the taxidermist, then you must ask him for advice and tips, but if that is not the case then you can prepare as follows.

Make sure that the storage container you plan to bring the bird in is very large. The reason for this is that you have to preserve all the feathers and plumage on the bird. Keep on hand a plastic bag, used nylon pantyhose, cotton balls and paper towels. Pantyhose can work as an ideal cover to keep feathers in place without destroying them. You can simply slide the bird you have hunted inside the leg of the pantyhose and tie it up from both sides, thereby retaining its shape. Then you can put this in a large plastic bag and carry the bird.

How to Hunt a Turkey for Mounting

When shooting a turkey aim to hit the neck or the head and do not try to hit the body. A good idea is to wait till the bird has settled down and the feathers are not open. The reason for this is that a headshot might run right through the tail and destroy the plumage. A good idea is to shoot the turkey in the neck when its neck is stretched out. This will help you keep the shotgun pellets away from all the plumage which you want to preserve.

When it comes to turkey taxidermy it is easier to reconstruct the head of the bird rather than repair the plumage. It is a good idea to shoot from a distance of 25 to 30 yards so that the shot is not very dense and does not damage much of the bird.

In case your turkey starts thrashing around after it has been shot, let it die completely and peacefully before you start picking up any loose feathers to be sent to the mounting taxidermist.

In order to get your bird to the turkey taxidermy center in prime condition you must make sure that the plumage is dry and clean. Stuff a paper towel or cotton balls into the mouth and anus and any bloody opening or wounds on the bird. This will prevent the feathers from getting spoiled.

Now wrap the head in paper towels to prevent the flow of blood. If you bag the bird you must carefully slide it in and make sure you do not bend any of the feathers. Place the bird in a large cooler with ice so that it is fresh when it reaches the taxidermist. Apart from this, do not work on the bird because the turkey taxidermist will want to skin and dress the bird themselves for best results.

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