North Korea Propaganda

Searching for North Korea examples of propaganda? Witness the example of propaganda by North Korean military government through locally published posters and artwork…

North Korean propaganda focuses on denouncing US Imperialism. From printing posters denouncing their activities to highlighting the brutalities and civilian casualties caused by Americans during the Korean War, North Korea to date is involved in anti-US propaganda.

Posters – North Korean Examples of Propaganda

There are many posters and artwork printed as part of North Korean examples of propaganda against United States of America and the Western world. A large poster shouts out ‘Death to US imperialists, our sworn enemy!’

Another one motivates citizens with the slogan ‘Let’s drive the US imperialists out and reunite the fatherland!’ There was an urgency and rush to stabilize the food and agriculture base destroyed by the US attacks as depicted in the instructions to civilians with a poster stating ‘Let’s extensively raise goats in all families!’

Denouncing the US as a center of all the evil warfare in the world, a poster claims ‘The US is truly an Axis of Evil.’ North Korea has always retaliated against any accidental invasion of its territory by the American military and Air Force by destroying the equipment rather than sending a verbal warning. This aggressive message is archived in the menacing poster stating ‘When we say we will, we will. We do not talk idly!’, which shows they mean business.

Examples of Ongoing North Korean Propaganda

US imperialism was despised by the brutal North Korean military regime. They used to print many posters running down the US government and their interference in North Korean affairs. North Korea aggressively invaded South Korea and the Western world jumped into the fray to liberate South Korea. However, the Korean War, which lasted for over 4 years led to the longest-running cease-fire in the history of war. During that time the North Korean military continued to brainwash the citizens of the country against US imperialism.

As examples of North Korean propaganda against the United States the stylistically designed posters depict different images. One of the posters shows the great-grandfather of Kim Il Sung as part of the team that torched the American naval vessel USS General Sherman after it run aground off the coast of Pyongyang in 1866. On a poster bringing down US interference and depicting the brutality of US warfare, the massacre of more than 30,000 civilians during the 1950s in the city of Sinch’on is shown as part of the propaganda.

Other examples of North Korean propaganda include the spread of information regarding the spying incident that involved the USS Pueblo in 1968.

Thus the treaty that ended the Korean War in 1953 really did not stop North Korean propaganda against the United States, which continues well into the late 20th century with the downing of an American helicopter in 1994 when it crossed into the North Korean region after bypassing the demarcation line established by the military under the armistice treaty.

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