Slab City California

Interested in slab city California? Learn more about how you can join the exclusive community of clapboards in Slab city California…

Slab city is considered one of the largest free RV parks located in the desert, which lies southwest towards Niland in California. There is in fact a website for exclusive member content. The members focus on the preservation and cleanup of the RV Park known as Slab City. The membership is exclusive to people who are registered and contribute to the community. They have access to vital information about the area and the surrounding communities and effects on Slab City.

The items also include local maps, RV services and weather conditions pertaining to 24-hour weather. You can also find information on the only recognized search engine for Slab City. Therefore, there is an extensive online library and video clips along with photographs displayed exclusively for Slab City members.

The organization known as The Slab City Organization is a privately funded group. It receives its funding from the donors who are the members, and they are the ones who operate all functions. It is considered a great location to park your RV in the winter. However, there is a large amount of trash that is left behind by those commuters who do not think of this place as home. Actually, the problem did not surface overnight and has developed over the years. Since this area was neglected for many years, the situation had become out of control in the past decade.

Neglect has made things very bad and now there is a constant revival to increase awareness about keeping the area clean. Revamping and cleaning up Slab City in California is the main aim. This has resulted in strict prohibition of illegal dumping and the results are now evident after a long time. Therefore, not only are the people who are parked in the RV area aware of illegal dumping but they are also quick at identifying such activities. Of course they realized that a handful of people speaking about the trash issued would have no effect. Therefore those who would utilize the area regularly had banded together and sent a strong message to the litterbugs. This has resulted in a constant maintenance of good environmental policies, at least at the RV Park, and has reduced the number of people littering the area.

Created for progressive thinkers, The Slab City Organization motivates positive change. Therefore, it aims towards reducing the littering in desert communities which is considered senseless and uncouth.

A beautiful movie known as Into the Wild was filmed on the city itself, and is available on DVD. Even though the website is restricted to registered members only, it is possible to find out detailed information about the organization. There is a large member community that frequents Slab City and refuses to accept the junk and old tires that are constantly deposited there. They aim to find a solution on getting rid of trash and preventing people from illegal dumping.

The overwhelming majority of travelers to Slab City do not like all the old tires and junk being deposited there. The organization is aimed at finding a solution. Benefits of becoming a member of Slab City of Claifonia are that you can even indulge in RV trading and selling. You get a complete event calendar along with supporting American Veterans Federation. There is also an online bulletin board where you can get the latest activity information and contribute positively to the maintenance and development of this area.

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