Cathedrals in Austria

There exist a number of architectural wonders on the lands of Austria in the form of cathedral buildings. Find out about the most significant of these age old cathedrals in Austria.

The bulk of the population in the country of Austria is Christian in faith. Christianity has gripped the people of the region since days long ago. It was in Austria were the Holy Roman Emperor was crowned. During the long course of the country the patrons of Christianity have developed many amazing cathedrals.

The wide range of cathedrals in Austria is till date a symbol of the importance that the people of Austria attached to religion. It also shows the influence of the Christianized ruling party of the country that has dominated its history overwhelmingly. Furthermore these cathedrals are a fine display of the architectural magnificence of the Austrian architects.

Gurk cathedral Austria

The Gurk cathedral is amongst the most popular cathedrals in Austria. It was built in the city of Carinthia during 1140 to 1200 where it still stands today. The architecture of the structure clearly reflects the high Romanesque style present during those times. Today it is considered to be among the most important Romanesque churches in Europe.

The building is rather long and has a western façade. It also has two huge towers, a crypt, gallery and three apses. The oldest remaining part of the cathedral is the crypt with its one hundred columns. It gets its name from the Saint that lies buried there known as Saint Hemma of Gurk.

The New Cathedral in Linz is another significant structure on the Austrian soil. The construction of this cathedral began in 1855 but it was not until 1924 that the final brick was laid down on the structure. The architecture of the cathedral displays the French high gothic style.

It is by far the largest cathedral in Austria with 20,000 seats. This does not mean that it is the tallest. The most attractive element in the structure is its stained glass windows on the towers. The windows received some damage during WWII and have been replaced by new windows displaying modern art.

Salzburg Cathedral Austria

The Salzburg cathedral is yet another significant structure that dates back to the 17th century. It was built in the city of Salzburg in honor of Saint Rupert of Salzburg. Built in baroque style architecture the cathedral prides itself as being the site of Mozart’s baptism.

The Salzburg cathedral is built upon a very sacred site which was used to hold sacrifices during the Celtic and Roman times. The first Dom of the cathedral was built in 774. The building completely came to the ground almost a century later as it got struck by lightening.

The rebuilding of the cathedral started three years later. Significant developments in the architecture of the Salzburg Cathedral continued to be made during the passing centuries. The church has over its history experienced three extensive building and rebuilding procedures. Today the building stands as a display of Romanesque basilica.

Although there are many more cathedral buildings in Austria the above mentioned are by far the most significant with regards to their history and marvelous architecture.

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