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Want to learn more about Osan, Korea? Read our guide for facts and info on the South Korean city of Osan and the Osan Air Base…

Located in the province of Gyeonggi, Osan is a South Korean city famous for housing the Osan Air Base. The exact location of the city places it at a distance of 35 km to the south of Seoul. According to the latest statistics the population of the region is estimated to be around 120,000. The local economy is based upon agricultural and industrial enterprises.

Osan is also famous for hosting one of the biggest markets in all of South Korea. Popularly known as the Osan market, it was set up back in 1792 and has been in continuous operation since then. Today it attracts a large number of people from all across the country.

Over the course of history the city of Osan has witnessed many brutal battles. It was at the brunt of the Korean War of 1950 with the communist forces. The American forces eventually liberated the city following the war. It is in the commemoration of the efforts of the American forces that a statue of honor was erected by the city government dedicated to the UN forces that played a pivotal role in liberating Osan.

The city also hosts a large-scale United States Air Force base that has acquired the name of Osan AB. The exact location of the air base actually places it outside the city limits of Osan. To be precise the airbase is at a distance of 8 km to the south of the city and actually is found within the Songtan section, which is part of Pyeongtaek.

History of Osan

This South Korean city acquired its official name of Osan in 1914. During that point in time the local government was under Japanese rule. That is why it was made part of Suwon as Osan-myeon. It is believed that the name of the city takes inspiration from a local stream that flows through the region that has been known by the name Osancheon throughout the course of history. Before the Japanese invaded and occupied the region, Osan was actually known as Hanja. The name translates as “soft shelled turtle Mountain”. However this was a very complex name, which was later modified, the translation of which now read “Bird Mountain”. The historic name has actually been used as a popular surname by people of the locality and can also be found in further off regions such as India.

Osan Air Base

The Osan Air Base was set up as a United States Air Force facility just outside the city limits of Osan. It functions as the home base of the Pacific air force’s 51st fighter wing. It also has a number of tenant units that includes the headquarters for seventh Air Force. The ROK Air Force Operations Command is also centered in this air base.

It is on this location that the 51st Fighter Wing has been given the authority to execute combat operations and receive follow-on forces as well as full authority to defend the air base in the course of an attack. It also provides the command and control structures as well as the necessary personnel to deliver combined air and space power in the Republic.

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