Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Interested in Victorinox Swiss Army Knives? Want to know a little about the history of the company and what the knives are used for? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Victorinox is the name of the company that has exclusive rights to manufacture Swiss Army Knives. Until recently Wenger was the only other company in the world that had the right to use the Swiss Army brand name; however, Wenger was recently bought out by Victorinox although they are still manufacturing Swiss army knives under the Wenger name. These Swiss Army Knives are world famous. The company’s headquarters is in Ibach, part of the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. In 2005, Victorinox earned the titled of being the only supplier of knives to the Swiss Army because in the past, Victorinox and Wenger were the official suppliers of knives to the Swiss Army.

With both companies sharing a contract to supply knifes, Victorinox Swiss Army knives are identifiable through their emblem, which is a cross in a shield. Victorinox has been putting that emblem on their Swiss Army knives for over almost a century now. The Swiss Army emblem was first used in 1909.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Victorinox produces many products like watches and bags but it is above all most famous for the Swiss Army knife. The Swiss Army is not the only one who finds the Swiss Army knife useful. Many people from all walks of life use Swiss Army knives in their daily lives because they are multipurpose and multifunctional tools, which you might need unexpectedly at any time within the day. The Victorinox Swiss Army knife can fit into one’s daily routine, it can also fit into something more action packed. It is said that NASA astronauts only use Victorinox Swiss Army knives as part of their equipment. From outer space expeditions, Victorinox Swiss Army Knife has also been present on many expeditions to climb Mount Everest and parts of the Artic. Now, isn’t that a testimony that many people find Victorinox Swiss Army knives dependable and of good quality?

If you want to buy a Victorinox Swiss Army knife, you should! You will not regret getting yourself one. If you don’t know what knife you like or where you can get one you can surf the official Victorinox website to see the different Swiss Army knives available and you can also make a quick search to the nearest authorized Victorinox Swiss Army knife dealer in your area. The Victorinox Swiss Army knife has a reputation for durability and superior quality. It is also remembered well because it serves many purposes, it is multifunctional. It can be said that the Victorinox Swiss Army knife is a solution for many problems. Buy from the leader of Swiss Army Knife makers, buy only from Victorinox.

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