Pure in Heart Korean Drama

Interested in watching reruns of Pure in Heart the Korean drama? Learn more about the popular TV series focusing on the trials faced by a young girl after her fiancé dies…

Pure in Heart is a romantic comedy which runs for 167 episodes and covers serious issues of life. The popular Korean drama was aired by KBS network from 2006 until 2007 and garnered many awards at the KBS drama acting awards.

The Storyline of Pure in Heart the Korean Drama

A young girl of 19 years of age named Yang Guk Hwa is introduced as the lead female character in his TV serial. She sets out from her hometown of Yanbian and heads to Seoul and marries Hong Soon Goo, one of the three sons belonging to a middle-class, respectable Korean family.

However, upon her arrival she learns that her fiancé has passed away in a horrible car accident and she decides to start a new life in Korea on her own. One of her goals is to earn money and assist her uncle and aunt whom she had left behind in Yanbian.

Main Characters and the Drama Pure in Heart

In Korea her fiancés family actually gives her refuge and treats her like a member of the family. In fact, the eldest son of the family Woo Gyeong has a son called Woo Gyeong who treats the young lady as his own sister. He is depicted as a professional working in a telecommunications organization.

Another character is introduced as his boss known as Park Yoon Hu and he has a college age sister called Yoon Jeong who is very spoiled. Yoon Ji is another character introduced as an estranged member of the family. She plays the oldest child who was shunned by the family because she married a car salesman whose social status did not match the status of her family.

The main plot focuses on the relationship that develops between Guk Hwa and Yoon Hu. They have an adversarial relationship in the beginning because Guk Hwa considers Yoon Hu to be a cold, crafty and hot-tempered person.

On the flipside Yoon Hu detests the girl’s thirst for money and country simpleton nature. He often refers to her as the farm girl due to her unpolished manner. However, she ends up being his secretary due to her fluent Mandarin. As he sees her improve herself and become more confident in her role, he is drawn towards her spirited nature and innocence.

However, a twist is introduced into the drama as Yoon Hu is all set to marry his childhood friend Shin Hyun as desired by both families involved. However, his intended, who has known him from an early age, notices his behavior towards the secretary.

She’s very insecure because her marriage to Yoon Hu has been in the works for some time owing to his non-committal nature. As the wedding date approaches she gets more apprehensive and eventually finds out that he has refused the marriage. He discloses his feelings towards Guk Hwa who was smart enough to reject him knowing that he is set to marry another. As the story unfolds we learn the twist and turns of the plot.

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