Swedish Baby Clothes

Swedish baby clothes are renowned for their quality materials, well-proportioned fit and vivid colors. Read our guide for more facts and information about Swedish baby clothing…

Regardless of the season, infants require comfortable clothes that have to be chosen with utmost care. As new-born babies are unable to regulate body temperature well enough, their clothes need to be warm and breathable, allowing a comfortable fit in which they can sleep well. A variety of baby clothes have originated in Sweden for a range of age groups forming ideal wear for indoors as well as outdoors.

Baby clothes in Sweden

Traditionally, Sweden is popular for its unique choice of baby clothes, made to the best standard. They come in pretty prints and a variety of materials which are especially soft and comfortable. They are practical and stylish easy-to-care materials, comprising of cotton, terry, velvet and wool. The customary Nordic wear, which is popular in the Scandinavian region including Sweden is designed keeping in mind the cold weather conditions of the region and provide incomparable warmth for young babies.

Knitted clothes for babies

Owing to the predominant cold conditions, Swedish baby clothes also include a lot of woolen fabrics that may be hand-knitted or machine knit. Knitted jerseys, bonnets, booties and mittens provide favorable warmth for young infants, besides allowing flexibility and a light-weight wear. Woolen clothes also exhibit the excellence of the traditional craftsmanship, with innumerable patterns ranging from plain to floral and geometric patterns. Woolen blankets, earmuffs and sweaters are used outdoors and entrap warmth. Traditional Swedish knitting designs have been passed on from generations and are still used to knit clothes for new-born infants.

Types of Swedish baby clothes

Onesies, a short-sleeved dress with a hood to cover the head and with snaps that close around the infant’s legs offers a comfortable one-piece suit for a baby. It allows comfort and warmth when worn under other clothes. Sleepers are similar with long sleeves and cover the legs, and sometimes come with built-in-booties to cover the feet.

Infant hats such as knitted caps and baby bonnets are available in a variety of Swedish styles, and are important to provide warmth and protection for a new-born baby’s head. Booties and shoes are available in comfortable sizes suiting different outfits and are pliable and soft so that the infant’s growth is not hindered.

Outerwear such as jackets and sweaters are available with hoods and can be zipped up or closed with snaps to cover the infant completely. Swedish flannels and blankets are useful to wrap babies when they are carried or taken out.

Swedish baby clothes offer a good variety for bigger babies and children including waterproof jackets, winter hats, rain hats, gloves, warm fleece clothes and casual clothes suitable for all weathers. Swedish cottons used in infant clothing are butter-soft and the energizing colors and lively prints are eye-catching. Today, Swedish baby clothes are available in inspiring brands, appealing to those who have a passion for genuine clothes.

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