Japanese Hairstyles for Girls

Interested in women’s hairstyles from Japan? Discover the broad spectrum of Japanese hairstyles for girls

The collection of Japanese hairstyles for girls stretch to both ends of the spectrum. From the Geisha hairstyles of traditional Japanese culture to the ultra modern hair do you will find there to be an overwhelming variety of Japanese hairstyles for girls.

One important thing for women looking to get some sort of a Japanese hair cut to understand is that the Japanese hairstyles for girls are modeled around a typical oriental face cut. This face cut tends to be oblong and thin. Hence a particular hairstyle that may compliment the looks of an oriental lady may not necessarily work wonders for someone with a totally different face cut.

This is one of the reasons why you should consult a professional hairstylist well versed in Japanese hairstyles for women. Such a professional will better be able to guide you with regards to the kind of Japanese hairstyle that would compliment your face cut. Otherwise you could end up with a hairstyle that is good but it doesn’t suite you.

Exploring the Options

By nature the women of Japan tend to have extremely flat and straight hair. Hence the most popular hairstyle in Japan is centered around the straight hair look. Bangs and buns have always been a prominent part of Japanese hairstyles for women. Back in the old days women would wear their hair neatly tied up in a bun at the back of their heads. This was the kind of look that went with the kimono.

Today however Japanese women are more into the bangs. The most popular hairstyle for girls is the one with bangs extending forward to cover part of the face. This mysterious look is the in thing on the streets.

Japanese hairstyles for women vary according to their length as well. There is a fine collection of long, medium and short hairstyles in store for those willing to explore the Japanese hairstyling tradition. When it comes to women, long hairstyles are by far the most popular. This is not so much true within Japan as it is outside of it.

This is why you will find many non-Japanese girls to go for the various long Japanese hairstyles. The straight slick hairstyle often requires women to get their hair straightened to capture that Japanese look. There are certain long hairstyles for girls that work with curls to add volume to otherwise flat hair. Japanese long hairstyles for girls also include such hairdos that make use of braids and give off a very formal look.

In modern times however short hairstyles have taken precedence especially within Japan. Inspired by different prevailing cultures such as gothic fashion, the Lolita look, punk and hip-hop the young girls are going for the jagged look with short hair.

A selection of Japanese hairstyles for women deals with razor cuts to create jagged edges that give the full flick look. The hairstyles for women vary according to their degree of practicality and appeal. The trend of anime hairstyles is also a new phenomenon originating from Japan.

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