Save Your Last Dance for Me Korean Drama

Watching Save the Last Dance for Me Korean Drama? Learn more about the popular Korean drama, Save the Last Dance for Me enjoyed locally and globally by soap opera fans…

With this interesting background and storyline the Korean drama Save The Last Dance for Me became an instant hit after it was launched in October 2004 on SBS network. The distribution was then taken over by YA entertainment in order to air the program all over the world and Asian region so Koreans all over the world could watch this popular soap opera.

Filmed over 20 episodes, this series is available in seven discs in the Korean language. The South Korean program Save The Last Dance for Me is an ideal and enjoyable program that can be watched by fans of foreign language television soap operas. The main reason is because this Korean drama comes with subtitles in English in order to cater to the English-speaking audience base, in fact, Korean dramas have become very popular with other nationalities visit also has some of the airtime from the Korean TV serial Sandglass, which was filmed in 1995.

Storyline of Save The Last Dance for Me

The Korean drama Save The Last Dance for Me shows the life of the protagonist called Ji Eun-Soo. This television program shows the changes in her life and how she faces different challenges. The female heroine in this program is played by one of the famous pop stars in Korea, Eugene Kim, commonly known as Kim Yoo Jin. She used to play in a musical group based in Korea called S.E.S. and based in Korea. This young girl plays the role of a daughter who manages her father’s business, which is the bed and breakfast country style inn.

As fate would have it she is caught up in an attempted robbery and rescues Chang-ho in the process. The role of Chang-ho is played by Ji Sung who is a leading actor in Korea. However, he loses his memory and she takes pity on him and takes him home to give him a place to stay at her father’s bed and breakfast inn. Although she is very reluctant and hesitant to keep a stranger in the house and the business, she finds in her heart to show some compassion towards him and not leave him abandoned and exposed to another attack. However, as time passes by they fall in love with each other during the year as they lived together and announce their engagement in order to celebrate the marriage in the future.

Interestingly enough the young guy Chang Ho who has lost his memory is a very powerful and rich corporate giant in Seoul. He’s actually the son of a large corporate businessman and his original name is Kang Hyun Woo. In fact, he has been engaged to his fiancée for nine years and she has been waiting to get married all this time. However, he refuses to commit to her and is very busy with his corporate responsibilities. Business comes first and the rest can wait for it actually was his motto. As the plot develops we find out that he has a personal tutor and business confidante who actually wants to take revenge on the father of Kang Hyun Woo. He holds his father responsible for the suicide of both his parents and has been plotting and planning for years to get back at the family and destroy them. He was responsible for the car crash that the young man lost his memory in.

However, he replaced Kang’s body with the charred and difficult to identify burnt up one and left all the ID cards, which originally belonged to Kang Hyun Woo to confirm that, in fact, boy was dead. The father and fiancé actually end up believing this and as the plot develops we find out how the memory loss patient overcomes the situation and how he is helped by the love of his life.

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