Spanish Speaking Countries

Want to know in what countries Spanish is spoken? Looking for a list of all the Spanish speaking countries in the world? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

There are many countries in the work that speak the Spanish language. That is why Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world. In fact, Spanish is the second most popular language in the world today.

Argentina is one of the countries that are dominated by the Spanish language. It is the second largest country in South America.  This country declared its independence from Spain in the year of 1816. The country of Uruguay became separate and Argentina became a separate nation. Even after independence Spanish was a very common language spoken by the people living there as most of the countries population was comprised from the immigrants from European countries. As with the rest of South America, Spanish became one of the main languages here.

Columbia is another country in South America that is dominated by Spanish speaking people. This country emerged after Gran Columbia collapsed in the year of 1830. This Country was formed along with Ecuador and Venezuela. There were heavy internal conflicts in the country rising form the illegal drug trade and illegal parliamentary activities. However the violence has been decreasing ever since 2002. The government of Columbia has implemented various efforts to stop all illegal activities and guerrilla warfare within the country.

Cuba was first habituated heavily by Native Americans but after the discovery by Christopher Columbus the Native American population began to steadily decline. This country began to develop as a Spanish colony and this has ever since left an impact in the society and lives of the people in Cuba. Even today Spanish is followed as the only official language in Cuba. The country faced a severe economic downturn in the 1990’s with the collapse of the USSR. However, the government of Cuba has recently relaxed laws on tourism and foreign investment in a bid to attract more money into the economy.

Mexico is the largest Spanish speaking country in Central America. This country was the site of the Amerindian civilization. This country again with the discovery of Americas became a colony of the Spanish. As such this country became dominated by the Spanish language and became the national language. Even today Mexico is look as a Spanish speaking country with a majority of the people speaking Spanish

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