Lap Band Surgery Mexico

Is lap band surgery the best way to get rid of excess body fat? Is Mexico a good place to do this operation? Find out what makes lap band surgery the most effective means of weight loss and Mexico an ideal place for getting the surgery.

Mexico is fast being considered as one of the best places to get surgical operations especially when it comes to plastic surgery and weight loss surgery. Not only have the Mexicans developed reputable schools like the University of Guadalajara but they have also developed state of the art hospitals and doctors. Many American students have also gotten their medical training from this institute. When it comes to weight loss surgeries one of the types of surgeries available in Mexico gaining in popularity is the Lap band surgery.

This type of surgery is also referred to as gastric band surgery although the two may not be the same things. Although the procedure is relatively the same the difference is in the kinds of bands that are implanted into the body and these can be of many types. You will find that amongst the many bands that have come in common use worldwide only two are approved by the FDA. These include the lap band system and the Realize band.  One must make sure about the kind of band that the doctors will be using before going under the knife. This is important because it will help when you have to get band fills or further adjustments.

Benefits of lap band surgery in Mexico

Lap band surgery is a minimal invasive surgery when compared to other obesity control procedures. This is one of the things that make lap band surgery safer. When you compare the cost of getting lap band surgery in Mexico to the cost in the US you will realize that the same procedure can cost you up to 50-70% less in Mexico. Be informed that blindly going for the cheapest option when it comes to lap band surgery is not the best of ideas. The range of getting this surgery falls between 6,000 to 12,000 dollars. One should avoid going to those clinics that quote a very low price. This is because that shows that the clinic does not have much business. The reason behind that may be that they do not have the proper facilities or the qualified personnel to do the job.

Choosing the right place for surgery

Choosing the right place to get lap band surgery is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make. You will have a wide variety of choices between clinics and hospitals. A full fledged hospital is always a better choice because they will have all the back up in case of any surgical complication or emergency situation. A good hospital will have all the major facilities like ICU centers, MRI, XRAY and blood bank facilities. Some hospitals even have boarding facilities which are adequate for the patient’s stay along with an attendant. Another important thing to consider is that the hospital staff should be English speaking because most people in Mexico speak Spanish.

Verifying the experience and credentials of the medical personnel is equally as important as anything else. This is because the malpractice laws in Mexico are quite lax and you want to make sure you end up on a professional’s surgical table. Plus you should ensure that they are certified from the medical board and the lap band that they use is approved by the FDA.

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