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The Korean Drama Sorry I Love You is also popular with different Chinese titles of Mianhada and Saranghanda. You can also find under the titles of Sorry But I Love You (YesAsia), MiSa and I’m Sorry, I Love You. Spread over 16 episodes this TV program was broadcast on the KBS network from November 2004 until December 2004 in prime time.

Production Credits for Sorry but I Love You

Produced by Jung Sung Hyo the Korean drama Sorry but I Love You is directed by Lee Hyung Min and written by Lee Kyung Hee

Synopsis of the Korean Drama Sorry but I Love You

The interesting story of Sorry But I Love You (YesAsia), focuses on the life of a young boy called Cha Moo Hyuk. Played by popular South Korean actor So Ji Sup, his character is shown to be an adopted orphan who was taken in by an Australian family at a young age. However, after suffering a lot of abuse at home he runs away and leaves his unhappy home at a very young age. He grows up on the street and therefore becomes very street smart because he continuously interacts with different people who are cunning or occasionally kind. Eventually he comes in contact with the character of Song Eun Chae. The leading Korean actress Im Su Jung plays this character. In her role Eun Chae is shown to be an employee of a famous Korean singer and working as a coordinator. The singer Choi Yune is famous all over South Korea and Asia and this woman is shown to secretly love him. However, her unfortunate encounter with the street urchin Moo Hyuk results in not only shaking up her life but also that of her beloved celebrity secret love Choi Yune.

The young street urchin and orphan is very bitter and full of vengeance. The path chosen by Moo Hyuk takes him to South Korea from Australia and it is filled with lots of bitterness and vengeance in order for him to take revenge for his life and how it has been uprooted. His main focus is to avenge the death of his birth mother as he’s very angry and hurt. However, as the story unfolds he discovers affection and happiness by finding love in an unexpected way. Even though he ends up destroying the lives of those around him and those special to him. He wants in his heart of hearts for someone stop him from taking this destructive path in life. His main focus is to try and heal the hurt of his childhood and teenage life.

The Cast of the Korean Drama Sorry but I Love You

Cha Moo-hyuk plays the lead character of So Ji Sup, while the young lady Im Su Jung is played by Song Eun-chae and the singer is actor Jung Kyung Ho as Choi Yune. Korean actor Suh Ji Young is shown as Kang Min-joo and Choi Yeo Jin plays Moon Ji-young. The mother of singer Yune is played by Lee Hye Young and actress Jun Hye Jin plays Yoon Seo-kyung. Lee Young Ha plays Eun-chae’s father while Eun-chae’s mother is played by Kim Hye Ok.

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