Mountain Climbing in Turkey

Did you know Turkey offers some great mountain climbing? Are you interested in going mountain climbing in Turkey? Our guide to mountain climbing in Turkey gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Best known for its sunny climate and sandy Mediterranean beaches, Turkey isn’t often associated with mountain climbing. However, Turkey has several mountains spanning across the breadth of inland Turkey which are great for mountain climbing. Although not a major destination for mountain climbing enthusiasts, Turkey does have outdoor tour operators that offer mountain climbing holidays. Below we’ve listed some of the best mountains in Turkey for mountain climbing.

Mountain climbing at Mount Erciyes in Turkey

Mount Erciyes is located in Central Anatolia in the heart of Turkey and is surrounded by valleys to the north and south and marshes to the west. Like many of Turkey’s mountains, Mount Erciyes is actually a dormant volcano and stands at 3917m providing a great mountain climbing experience.  Mountain climbers usually approach Mount Erciyes from the South or North West where the going is easier. Mountain climbers successful in reaching the peak of Mount Erciyes will find it snow capped all year round with heavy snow fall at higher altitudes during the winter.  The best season for mountain climbers here runs from June until September.

Mountain climbing at Mount Ararat in Turkey

Mount Ararat is another dormant volcano popular with mountain climbers in Turkey. It is situated in the South East of Turkey and borders Armenia and Iran. Standing at an altitude of 5137m this is the highest mountain in Turkey making it a particular challenge to mountain climbing enthusiasts. The best time of year for climbing this mountain is during the summer months when the weather is sunny and pleasant, although the peak is snow capped all year round. Most mountain climbers take the safer route up the mountain from the south. Like other mountain climbing spots in Turkey there are several local guides willing to take you up the mountain and it is inadvisable to undertake climbing this mountain alone. People wishing to climb this mountain in Turkey during the winter months should expect harshly cold weather conditions including heavy snowfall.

Mountain climbing at Mount Uludoruk in Turkey

Mount Uludoruk lies in the Cilo-Sat Mountains in South East Turkey. The Cilo-Sat Mountains form the eastern part of the Taurus mountain chain running the breadth of Southern Turkey.  Mount Uludoruk stands at an altitude of 4136m and is a popular mountain climbing destination in the area. Mountain climbing in these mountains gives one the opportunity to experience Turkey’s most formidable glaciers. Those wishing to do some mountain climbing on this range in Turkey should first make their way to Van from where they can be informed about local mountain climbing guides.

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