The Korean Drama Loveholic

Watching the Korean drama Loveholic? Learn more about Loveholic the Korean drama that defies social prejudice against a romantic relationship between a student and teacher…

Korean drama Loveholic was presented on KBS2 network over 16 episodes which were aired during May and June 2005. This bold TV series follows the relationship between a young and disobedient student and his teacher in high school.

The drama unfolds at a high school in Chuncheon where the protagonist is a disobedient high school student known as Kang-uk, while Yul-ju plays the character of the teacher. Prior to their interaction the teacher Yul-ju was dating a public prosecutor known as Tae-hyeon.

However, as the story unfolds both student and teacher develop feelings for each other and fall in love. Defying social prejudices and their age gap mean that both have a challenging time. Furthermore, they have to defy the social stigma attached to a student-teacher relationship, which is vigorously condemned by most societies as an immoral activity.

Yul-ju suffers from narcolepsy and often falls asleep during fits of that disease. In one of the episodes she ends up killing one of the classmates of the young student Kang-uk. The victim used to deliberately harass the young student. The teacher, Yul-ju, tried in the past to put a stop to his activities. Now the harassing student has ended up dead. This doesn’t look good. In order to protect her honor and life, the young student boy Kang-uk takes the blame for the crime and is therefore jailed in her place.

He is released after five years and tries to relocate his teacher Yul-ju only to find out that in the time period that he spent in jail she has ended up getting engaged to her former boyfriend Tae-hyeon.

Disheartened by the current situation, the young student goes on to develop his skills as a leading chef and is greatly assisted by one of his former high school classmates known as Ja-kyung. His friend is also a popular radio show host and supports Kang-uk all the way.

As the Korean drama Loveholic unfolds you can see the different challenges and roadblocks that propagate the path to happiness for both the student and the teacher as they try and reconnect and make up for lost time.

The lead role of the teacher is played by leading Korean actress Kim Min-seon. The male role of the student portrayed as a notorious and disobedient student is played to perfection by the young and popular Korean actor Kang Ta.

Kang-uk’s high school teacher is shown to be four years older than he is and initially the drama unfolds by showing us his fighting and bullying ways, which greatly annoys the teacher. This chronic troublemaker eventually becomes the devoted lover of his teacher and considers her his ultimate destiny. That is the main feeling and emotion that leads to his sacrifice as he swaps places with her to go to jail for her crime.

Production Credits

Directed by three producers famous in Korea known as Moon Joon Ha, Lee Gun Joon and Kim Kyu Tae, the TV serial received great reviews from the audience and most of them specifically acknowledge the efforts of the Korean writer Lee Kyang Hee in putting through the emotions of a young boy and a seriously unwell teacher who defy challenges and norms to establish a lasting relationship.

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