Breckenridge Leather Sectional Sofas

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The casual comfort and understated luxury of the accommodations in Breckenridge,Co. have inspired a number of furniture companies to market leather sofas and sectionals in a style called Breckenridge. Most of the pieces feature rolled arms and deep comfortable seats with down filled cushions for warmth and softness. For leather sofas and sectionals that offer both comfort and style, the name Breckenridge says it all.

American Leather Breckenridge Leather Sectional Style

American Leather offers a beautiful corner sectional sofa in the Breckenridge style with over stuffed cushions, rolled arms and buttery soft, real leather upholstery. The sectional can be ordered in several colors including a beautiful mocha brown. The ends of the sectional offer the comfort of reclining seats with foot rests. Matching pieces including a straight sofa, loveseat and chair are also available. American Leather sectionals are reasonably priced and available in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Breckenridge Leather Sectional from Dania

Unlike many of the Breckenridge styles, Dania has put a contemporary spin on a classic. Their Breckenridge sectional features a wide square arm on one side and is armless on the other end. The seat cushions are tufted and the back is low and sleek with a smart urban look. The sectional is featured in leather with deep cushions and a promise of comfort. The modern appearance of this Breckenridge collection is not unexpected since Dania specializes in contemporary design.

D’Oro Breckenridge Leather Sectional

The D’Oro take on classic Breckenridge style features a traditional flair with rolled arms. Unlike more contemporary interpretations, the arms on the D’Oro model are slender and the piece has a neat, tailored appearance. Nail head trim adds to the traditional feeling of this stunning two piece sectional that is available in a variety of colors.

Bernhardt Breckenridge Leather Sofa

Bernhardt updates the traditional style sofa with oversized rolled arms and great wood trim in their beautiful Breckenridge collection. Known for their quality, Bernhardt sofas have down filled cushions and high quality leather upholstery. While the cost of Bernhardt furniture is not inexpensive, the pieces retain their value over time and are destined to become family heirlooms. Bernhardt Breckenridge sofas are available at better furniture retailers and at their website.

Once an obscure, little Colorado mountain town, Breckenridge is now known world wide for its spectacular vistas and outstanding tourist accommodations. The warmth and comfort offered in this area have inspired furniture designers to express their creativity with beautiful leather sectionals and sofas that allow visitors to enjoy that same ambiance in their homes.

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