Wonderful Life Korean Drama

Watching the Wonderful Life Korean drama? Learn more about this exciting TV series focused on the escapades of a boy chasing the love of his life…

The Korean drama Wonderful Life is a popular South Korean television serial that was aired during 2005 and 2006 in both South Korea and subsequently in the Philippines. It became so popular in Southeast Asian countries that it was aired in Thailand in the year 2007 as a primetime program.

The Storyline of Wonderful Life Korean Drama

This fast-paced South Korean TV drama follows the escapades of Han Seung Wan played by Kim Jaewon. The TV serial revolves around his trip to Singapore to meet up with his girlfriend called Lee Chae Young who is played by the Korean actress Han Eun Jung. During a collision he accidentally bangs into Jung Se Jin played by Kim Yoo Jin at the airport and subsequently their passports get mixed up. The young lady tries to locate the gentleman with the sticker and address pasted on his passport. She is escorted to the apartment by Min Do Yun played by Korean actor Lee Ji Hoon.

When the passports are exchanged the gentleman asks Jung Se Jin to assist in locating his friend. However, once they locate Chae Young they are surprised to discover that she is involved with Do Yun whom she met in Australia. He looks to Se Jin for comfort and consolation and they end up having a one-night stand.

He is forced by the Catholic Se Jin to take responsibility for his deeds but he abandons her and both return from Singapore to Korea. However he continues to throw away money on alcohol. He eventually falls back on Se Jin for support – both emotional and financial.

Se Jin reluctantly agrees to assist him in getting money. She’s stunned when his brother as well as a sister-in-law informs her that she is probably pregnant. She has an encounter with Do Yun at the pharmacy which leads to another ride home.

A year later both get married for the sake of the baby’s upbringing. However, the union has a lot of conditions attached to it. The gentleman starts working to earn money but is called into military service very soon. Once that was over he returns home to struggle and to study to be a pilot.

His wife continues to work at home and support the family. The drama unfolds with the heroine managing to get great job opportunities, but the couple faces a constant struggle in maintaining their weak relationship because the former girlfriend constantly plots to break up the family.

Impact of the Storyline

Basically the TV serial focuses on the reality of life that hits one after being irresponsible. At the end of the day everyone must take responsibility for their actions and pay dues to others, who within their rights to expect them. Relationships formed on strictly moral grounds cause constant stress and many troubles later on. There are many lessons to be learned from this exciting TV serial, which has garnered heavy audience ratings in Korea and online.

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