You Are My Destiny Korean Drama

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You Are My Destiny is a fabulous Korean drama was aired from May 2008 to January 2009. Audiences immediately took to this dramatic series, which was presented on KBS 1- TV and the ratings were very high throughout its run. It is distributed by KBS throughout Korea with each episode running for 40 minutes.

Popularity of the Korean Drama You Are My Destiny

You Are My Destiny the Korean drama followed on the coattails of the successful Korean television soap opera Likeable or Not and immediately got 24.8% viewer ratings across Korea. These statistics are provided by the media research company AGB Nielsen. In the region of Seoul the popular soap opera garnered 29.1% of viewer ratings. It is interesting to note that the ratings received by this television soap opera were similar in range to the previously popular soap opera Likeable or Not, which had managed stable ratings of 35.4% during its eight-month run on the national Korean television network. That makes it the most popular and successful drama serial aired by KBS 1-TV in this decade.

The Storyline for You Are My Destiny the Korean Drama

The delightful storyline of the drama You Are My Destiny follows the life of its main protagonist named Yoona. The lead role is played by Jang Sae Byuk. She is one of the members of the female musical group known as Girls’ Generation and is extremely popular throughout Korea. In her role as a heroine in You Are My Destiny, the Korean drama, she is shown to have corneal transplant surgery. The drama is based on her existence after this life-altering surgery.

The episodes became immensely popular and depicted her adjustment and challenges in settling in with her new family. The main character gets her eye transplant surgery after receiving the cornea of a girl who died. She’s been shown coping and actually residing with the family of the deceased girl and the episodes focus on how both the victim’s family and the transplant surgery patient bond with each other over time.

The orphan girl is accepted by the parents of the deceased girl, reflecting compassion and human emotions beautifully. The main storyline reflected positive attitudes and encouraged others to move on after going through a tragedy. It helped in motivating people to cope with life altering situations and helped them come out on top.
That made the popular TV serial was widely accepted among audiences who were appreciative of its motivational theme. Audiences have also lauded the fact that young stars proved their mettle as great actors in the TV serial. The protagonist was supported by a well developed cast, which included Kim Jeong-nan, Lee Pil-mo and Gong Hyun-joo. Other cast members included Lee Ji-hoon and Park Jae-jeong.

The cast members played their parts as follows: Park Jae Jung played the character of Kang Ho Se, while Gong Hyun Joo beautifully executed the role of Kim Soo Bin and Im Yoon Ah did complete justice to the role of Jang Sae Byuk.

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