Swedish Jewelry

Swedish jewelry is a must in every woman’s accessories. Read our guide below for more facts and information on Swedish jewelry…

There are a number of designers who retail Swedish jewelry from all over the world through online shopping and mail orders. Have a look at some of the renowned designers who have created some exquisite pieces of Swedish jewelry.

Silver Dala Swedish Horse Earrings Red Crystals by JkistlerStudios

This is handmade artisan Swedish jewelry that features the renowned Swedish Dala horses on round discs. Hung from delicate Swedish posts, the red crystal beads add color to the stunning earring. The discs have a brushed metal look that looks subtle and contemporary. The silver charms have been hand-formed from metal clay and then the figurine of the Dala horse embossed on it. Post the firing the pieces are oxidized, tumble polishing is done and finally hand-polishing to give it its lovely look.

Swedish Snow berry ear wire earrings by Nova designs

This is a simplistic yet gorgeous earring by Nova designs. The earrings have a beautiful Swarowski white pearl capped with a sterling silver bead cap and has a handmade ear wire of Argentium sterling silver. For complete comfort to your ears, the ear wire end has been filed to precision and is packed in a 100% recycled material box.

Swedish Sami Reindeer Leather Bracelet by SwedArt

The designer at SwedArt is Swedish and has a rich experience of working with skilled artisans of the crafts and designs of Sami Culture. This bracelet is a Swedish Lapland Jewelry that is renowned globally and is retailed only through high-end boutiques.  Especially created with lambskin or reindeer hide, these bracelets are a novelty and are quite difficult to procure. Also endorsed by a number of celebrities, this bracelet looks cool and urbane.

Swedish Blueberry ear wire earrings by Nova designs

Inspired by her childhood days spent blueberry picking, these earrings take you back in time and remind you of all the blueberries you’ve relished. The earrings have a Swarovski Tahitian pearl capped with a bead cap of sterling silver and have a handmade ear wire made of Argenium sterling silver.

Swedish Summer Pendant by LivingInspired

This is a beautiful pendant with bright vibrant colors designed by Ariella. She has designed this magnificent pendant as an ode to her lovely memories of her summers spent in Sweden. She has significantly used the national colors of Sweden i.e. yellow and blue to remind you of wildflower collection that kids enjoy in the lovely meadows of Sweden. She has used polymer clay in blue, yellow and orange, some metal and sterling silver to create this exotic pendant.

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