Swedish Fireplaces

Swedish fireplaces come in plenty of innovative models, ranging from the traditional masonry type to the latest chimney-free indoor ones. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Western homes invariably have a fireplace, basically to encounter frosty weather conditions characteristic of winter and at times autumn also. As an iconic interior accessory in such homes, fireplaces offer relaxation amidst warmth, besides adding a delightful style to your living room.

Types of fireplaces

Over the past decades, traditional fireplaces have undergone modifications to introduce more sophisticated ones. The masonry type is constructed with bricks or stone, and chimneys may be of concrete or consist of metal bars reinforced within the concrete walls. More recently, fireplaces are built of metal and use natural gas as fire instead of firewood and are free of chimneys.

Modern fireplaces

Today, fireplaces are pre-fabricated before they are installed in houses. A variety of doors are available for masonry as well as modern fireplaces. Glass doors suit all types, and custom made doors allow individuality and a wide choice. However, glass doors ensure safety and are easy to maintain. The latest fireplaces that use natural gas do not have a vent as they don’t emit smoke, thus saving the environment of hazardous particulate matter. Modern designs are custom-made to suit indoors as well as outdoors.

Swedish fireplaces

Fireplaces from Sweden are made to highest standards, giving utmost importance to environmental protection. They are efficient with minimal environmental pollution and pass through tests in the University of Stockholm and Sweden’s State Research Center.

Swedish designs comprise innovative indoor fireplaces free from chimneys. They have a brass reflector, which burns ethanol rather than wood. With no smoke emission and absence of chimneys, they are portable and versatile. The outer shell and the reflector have a fire insulating rockwool in between them, so that the outer ceramic body is cool.

Moreover, Swedish fireplaces have designs that impart a cozy atmosphere and maintain warmth, without pumping up heat. They are quite suitable for modern apartments and flats where a chimney is inconvenient. Wall-mounted fireplaces can be hung on walls and orb- shaped fireplaces can be placed on the floor; they are popular with fireplace makers in Sweden. The key tests of combustion efficiency, surface temperatures, gas temperatures, heating performance and carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emission are conducted efficiently to make them safe for use in indoor environments.

The popular Swedish fireplace makers such as Tulikivi fireplaces, Vauni fireplaces and Nibe offer innovative and appealing designs with functional excellence. The unique hemisphere-shaped and bio-fueled fireplace from Vauni is the only one of its kind in the world and is yet to be distributed globally. Vauni’s wall-hung model is made of lightweight aluminum and appears more like an impressive wall-hanging.

Swedish fireplaces consider a wide range of aspects pertaining to safety, reliability, efficiency, economy, versatility, construction and also environmental impact. The incredible designs ensure that fireplaces are no longer cumbersome with smoke, but stylistic and convenient.

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