Swiss Army Automatic Watch

Interested in buying an automatic Swiss Army Watch? Do you know what the difference is between an automatic and mechanical watch? Want to know how many models of automatic watch the Swiss Army brand has? Our guide gives you the facts & information yo

Swiss Army Automatic Ambassador Watch

The Swiss Army automatic Ambassador watch is one of the newer additions to the collection of Swiss Army watch models. In addition to it’s automatic mechanical movement it boasts a number of interesting features and comes in a range of different styles with options of leather or metal watch straps. The Swiss army automatic Ambassador Watch displays the day of the week at the top of the watch face just below the 12, while on the other end of the face, just above the 6 the day of the month is displayed. In keeping with it’s military tradition, This automatic Swiss army watch features luminous hands making it possible to tell the time even in near pitch dark conditions.  In addition to a polished stainless steel case, this automatic watch has a transparent back that allows you to see the working parts of the watch, including the automatic jewel mechanism that winds itself up through the movement of your wrist while going about your daily business.  The crystal inside the Swiss army automatic Ambassador watch is sapphire- which is practically scratch proof- while the watch itself is completely water resistant up to 100 meters.

Swiss Army Automatic Chronopro Watch

The Chronopro sits on the higher end of the scale of Swiss Army automatic watches and retails for just over $1000. The automatic time keeping mechanism in this model of Swiss army watch provides the user with a 42 hour power reserve before correct time is lost.  Because of the three smaller chrono displays on this automatic Swiss Army watch, the date is unusually displayed between the 4 and 5 at a slight angle, while the trademark white cross on red background by which the Swiss Army brand is known sits directly above the date display.  The chronograph facility on this automatic Swiss Army watch is without a doubt its single most unique feature in the range of Swiss Army watches and is able to record time up to 12 hours in units of 1/5 of a second with registers at half an hour and twelve hours. The diameter of this automatic watch is only 42mm making it light and practical while its water resistance of up to 100 meters in addition to the scratch proof crystal and stainless steel casing provide the owner with confidence of its sturdiness.

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